The Art & Practice of Creating Your Day

Aug 11, 2017

The Art & Practice of Creating Your Day

The greatest work of your life is inside you. Give it the fertile soil it needs to see the light of day. Plant the seeds today for who you eventually want to become and you’ll open yourself up to an infinite set of possibilities. – Srinivas Rao


Understanding how to lead your day is inside of you.

Knowing which thing to focus on first is inside of you.

Recognizing what one thing could have the biggest impact on your day/week/year is inside of you.

So often we look to the outer world for direction on what to do with our time, our day and our life and then feel off track, out of alignment and frustrated that our moment and our day and our life are spent doing what others deemed important.

It’s time to stop stewing in frustration at our loved ones, our jobs, our managers, our to-do list, etc. for not making what is important to us a priority – it’s not their job – it’s our job.

It’s up to us to guard our time.

My challenge to you this week is to carve out 5 minutes before you start your day each day.  Pause, clear your mind, close your eyes and ask yourself this one question…

What one thing can I do today that will have the greatest impact on everything else?

Listen for the answer.

Then, go do that thing. Do that thing FIRST, before you get into anything else. Watch as that one thing ripples over and influences other important things you have set out to do.

You’ve got this!

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