Tired of Second Guessing Yourself?

Jul 11, 2017

Tired of Second Guessing Yourself?

For many years I discounted, discarded, questioned or flat out ignored that wise voice within.
Perhaps it was because I didn’t know it was wise or that it had my best interest at heart.

Or, maybe I didn’t trust it to take good care of me.

Have you ever ignored that voice within?

Over the years, I began to pay closer attention. I noticed that in each situation where I felt these internal nudges, there were early promptings that showed these nudges had been right all along.

I began to wonder…

Why had I ignored it for so long? And…
What would happen if I listened sooner?

In life we are often given a map to follow…it’s usually made up of what the world or others close to us think we ought to do with our life and how our life should look. We go through life trusting this map to lead us, trying to be different or better to fit in with other’s ideas.

But this map isn’t necessarily leading us in the right direction, and if you’re hearing that faint voice from within telling you something different – it may be time to listen.

What I have discovered myself, and repeatedly witnessed with clients, is that life gets richer when you find and discover your compass – an internal guidance system designed to guide our life.

Honing and tuning into this compass opened up so much for me, I can hardly put it into words. It takes so much pressure off of making the “right” decision. When I’m tuning in and following that compass, I know it is always leading me to greater growth and greater good.

Two years ago I made a promise to listen to that voice – my internal compass – sooner and act quicker, and the results have been amazing.

Ready for different?

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