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Start Your Day with Intention

Aug 28, 2017

Start Your Day with Intention

There is no shortage of information on how to better utilize our time and spend our day.  Chances are you’ve heard that there is magic in starting your day with a morning routine.  The key is finding and sustaining a routine that works for you.

5 Steps to Honing Your Routine:

  1. Explore successful morning routines and capture the elements you’d like to try.  (Reading, prayer, meditation, exercise, drink a glass of water, writing, set goals for day etc..)
  2. Select 3 elements to include in your routine.
  3. Get up 20 minutes earlier and try it out.  You can add time as you go.
  4. Experiment, practice and refine YOUR daily rhythm.  Look for progress vs. perfection.
  5. Notice how you feel having intentionally set up your day. 🙂

Here are some of my favorite resources to get you started…

The One Thing
Getting things Done
Miracle Morning

6 Minute Miracle Morning
The Pareto Principle
The Freedom Journal

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