This is my life’s work.

Step into the most meaningful &
creative adventure of your life.

I live it. I love it.
I teach it. I stand by it.

My Story

For years, I felt at the mercy of my circumstances…

For years, I felt at the mercy of my circumstances. I was a master at making everything look good on the outside, but inside I felt empty. I was consumed by work that I loved. I was out of balance, but didn’t understand why or how to change. I knew there had to be a better way of doing life. I took a deep look into what was running my life. The choices I made after changed everything in the most amazing way.

I made it my mission to clean my life up from the inside out. I’ve been doing this work in my own life for over 2 decades.

My life’s work is to ignite possibility and equip people with
the mindsets and toolsets to create meaningful, productive and fulfilling everyday lives.

People go to the gym to build strong, healthy bodies.

Clients work with me to create deep, rich, fulfilling lives.

A little history…

By applying the tools I teach my clients over the past 2 decades, this is what innovating my own life has looked like:

  • Built a whole, loving, growing, thriving marriage of 20+ years.
  • Raising two kind, independent, resilient young men.
  • Allowed the life-changing tool of journaling to lead me as a
  • Started my first company, Sanity Journals, in 2005 to inspire and empower women seeking growth and change through the powerful tool of writing.
  • Built a business as a playground where I could help to make a deep, important impact in people’s lives.


  • B.A. Business Administration
  • Graduate of The Landmark Forum and Curriculum for Living
  • Certified Frame of Mind Coach
  • Shift Co Launch Foundation Coach
  • Positive Intelligence Coach
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Host of the Differently Podcast

Get to know Carla


Harry, our dog. At any given time we might have chickens, guineas, cows, horses, or goats on a property.


Cultivate a strong inner life.


Coffee, prayer, writing, moving my body, music – life altering!

Mission in life

To be a force of good.

One food for the rest of your life


Can’t live without

I travel with a pile of books/journals.

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