your life is now


Your Life is Now

I am a champion for individual trailblazers. If you are ambitious to build a life that reflects who you are and what you value we might be a great fit for working together.

My life’s work is setting you free of your default, survival way of living. My greatest joy is watching you step into your life again at the helm of your choices.

While there are many things you can’t control, I’m here to remind you of all the places where you CAN influence your experience, shape your life, and create deep, lasting fulfillment in all domains of your life beginning now.


Make lasting positive change.

Through a highly engaged partnership, we address the root of what is in the way to living true to your values. We ensure you build a strong, healthy mindset while also equipping you with a toolset for navigating and innovating everyday life.

Our private sessions give you a place to pause, process and find clarity so that you can move forward with authentic and intentional choices.

While you may not always love what’s happening in your life, you choose how you show up to every moment. These new choices, over time, will alter your life in the most amazing way. You should always fill yourself. Nobody will do it for you. If you want to go for a walk, go in for sports or be alone – do it!

Become an innovator of your
life – a Life-preneur.

By working together you’ll learn to…

  • Maintain a strong, healthy frame of mind
  • Create mobility when you feel stuck
  • Maintain healthy boundaries with your time and energy
  • Navigate challenges with greater ease
  • Be present and engaged wherever you are
  • Leverage your driven and energy where it matters most
  • Design and build your unique life – a life you no longer have to escape

Choose the first step

Our work together deepens over time.


Get out of survival mode
+ reset your life.

Elevate Coaching Intensive
12-Week Package



Build positive mental habits.

6-Week Positive Intelligence Coaching Program + App


Private Coaching


Generate meaningful
growth all over your life.


Starting at $800/mo

* Pre-req: Elevate

Not sure where to start?

Schedule a call and we will figure that out together.

The Coaching Journey

People go to the gym to build strong, healthy bodies.
Clients work with me to create deep, rich, fulfilling lives.

Step out of survival

Clean up old, unproductive thinking. Unpack and shed stories that weigh you down. Reveal your Survival Model and be free at last!

Get equipped
for true change

We lean on journaling as one of our main tools for transformation and change. In addition, you’ll acquire other tools and approaches that allow you to navigate daily life in alignment with what matters most to you.

Design your unique life

Set your eyes on a vision that lights you up. Create commitments to guide your actions. Experiment, refine and grow over time.

Healthy Foundation + Strong Mindset + Consistent Integration = Sustainable, New Results

Experience life more fully + continue your journey

Did you get just what you needed? Or, are you excited to integrate and explore more deeply? Your Coach is there to support you and ensure you feel equipped to move forward in either direction.

Still on the fence?

Imagine if you come back three or six months from now and nothing has changed for you. Will you be ok with that?

If not, imagine how it will feel to say YES to your life and step boldly forward.

When you show up differently, it ripples to your relationships, your work, family, community, and everything you touch.

Things begin to shift in the most amazing way. Some changes may result in monetary gain, while others are intangible, and often described as priceless. I invite you to take the first step.