Designed for those ready to ditch the status quo and step into the life they know they are here to live …

Sounds glorious, right?
A life like this is possible, even for YOU.

When you were young, did you imagine the great life you’d have? Aaaah, the beauty of innocence!

And then…adulting happens.

You learn to cope, but “survival mode” isn’t bringing about the life that existed in your imagination.

  • Your brain is noisy – and sometimes unkind to you
  • You spin your wheels until you give in to exhaustion…or illness
  • Self worth, confidence, and peace are things you chase on the outside, sometimes in not-so-great ways

You see others living rich, full lives, so you know it IS possible…

…you just don’t know how to get out of your own way and allow it to happen for you.

  • so-and-so would change,
  • or you had more money or success,
  • or you could fix whatever’s wrong with you.

You’ve likely tried lots of things to move closer to what
you want and how you want to be:

  • You’ve tried therapy
  • You’ve sought advice from trusted friends and family
  • You’ve read all the books and followed inspirational teachers
  • You’ve white-knuckled it on your own, maybe even drinking too much to dial back the stress

But none of them has helped you make the deep, lasting change you want.

With a little help,
you can learn to be your own life-preneur

Good news!

With over a decade of experience, I have seen that there are three things that will help move you out of the survival mode which no longer serves you:

A skilled and objective coach to:

  • Identify your blind spots
  • Get you out of survival mode
  • Help you implement new approaches to old problems
  • Strategize next steps with clarity and confidence

A way to process and receive support as-you-go so you can:

  • Quiet the mental noise and confusion
  • Find your spark and inner wisdom
  • Reflect and reevaluate

Exposure to new ideas and ways of leading your life:

  • Open your mind
  • See new possibilities
  • Get the big-picture, 365-degree, 10,000-foot view

So nice to meet you!

Shed the mental noise and old thought patterns keeping you stuck

Gain control over the direction
of your life

Feel peaceful, confident, and moving forward with purpose.

Deepen relationships with yourself and others

Understand and move beyond your current Survival Model. It’s preventing the progress you want

The Differently Breakthrough Method

We’ll explore your thought-life, the thoughts and behavior patterns that have become your default mode. Your blind spots will come into view allowing you to shift your thinking and gain a fresh perspective. It’s a truly revelatory experience!

We begin with a kick-off call where we:

  • Lay the foundation for our work together
  • Get to know what makes you YOU
  • Create your ideal outcomes

Eight one-hour private Zoom sessions covering impactful topics:

Unpack your thinking, discover the power of your thoughts, learn your role in creating a healthy mind

“Release pressure, apply love.” Uncover and release the stories that weigh you down, learn the response tools that help you respond with grace and dignity

What was once hidden becomes clear! Identify the outdated patterns, barriers, and blind spots that keep your true desires out of reach

Discover the ultimate barrier to the life you want, your survival model. Set yourself free from the past, gain the tools to realize when you’re slipping back and how to get back on track quickly

Clear out the old physical, mental, and emotional clutter and make room for your fresh new mindset. Clear the dread of having conversations you’ve been avoiding, tackle things that have been hanging over your head with confidence

Discover your natural strengths and rhythms with a special exercise

This is where the magic happens! Put what you’ve learned into practice in your daily life and watch the transformations unfold in tangible, practical, real ways

No longer surviving, avoiding, and proving yourself, it’s time to build your life around commitments that set your heart aglow

You’ve come so far…it’s time to acknowledge your journey! Take with you the Differently Toolkit and Custom Roadmap so you can integrate what you’ve learned and sustain your progress as you move forward with intention

From the tools, strategy, vision, and energy to:

set the past in the past → become equipped for true change → create a vision and align your actions → reap the rewards for a fulfilling life moving forward

The Interactive Journal is a private, dynamic journaling experience, a critical element to recognizing that your thoughts are not who you are, allowing for deep healing, processing, and reflection.

What makes this program special is that by being interactive, your writing gives me, your coach, a unique perspective that allows me to tailor your coaching journey to exactly what you need, as life is happening.

Each day you’ll reflect on and respond to the week’s discovery exercise and journal prompts, or simply free-write anything that’s on your heart and mind.

You’ll be able to:

  • Capture ideas and thoughts as they come
  • Get stuff out of your head and onto the page
  • Reflect and process what’s happening right now
  • Travel further, faster with regular reflection and coaching
  • Get input on a situation you’re navigating real time

I’ll respond back promptly, coaching you in between sessions.

You’ll benefit:

From the comfort of knowing you don’t have to wait to get the support you need when you’re in the trenches of life.

The most effective way to broaden your learning and deepen the roots of your new insights is to learn from new perspectives.

Throughout your time in the Differently Coaching Experience, you’ll be invited to attend monthly workshops led by me or other experts I have had the pleasure to know, work with, or learn from.

Each interactive workshop will cover a topic intended to deepen your journey and expand your knowledge.

And, you’ll have an opportunity to connect with other like minded people who are on the same journey and speak the same language.

You can look forward to topics like these:

Cultivating a strong inner life, building a curious mindset, and becoming intune with your body’s wisdom

Learn how to tap into your creative side, take inspired action, and prioritize
what’s important

Set goals, live aligned with your values, create time freedom, amplify your productivity AND energy, and more

Learn to instinctively pull tools and approaches from your Differently Toolkit to improve communication, deepen relationships with yourself and others, increase your ability to be present, and grow new relationships with others who are aligned with your thinking and values

From taking time to reflect, fresh perspectives, new ideas, a deeper understanding, and the inspiration to realize your own life-preneurship vision.

Everything you need to navigate the program is in one spot, your online dashboard. There, you can manage coaching appointments and payments, as well as accessing all the goodies:


You’ll have a valuable reference you can review as you move forward, implementing your new thought-life into inspired action in all areas of your life – your relationships, business, health, spirituality, and emotional well-being.

You’ll benefit:

From having everything in one place. All the materials are downloadable so you can access them for life.

  • One-of-a-kind programs, tools, and platforms:
    These aren’t repackaged teachings from other thought leaders. Every inch of the content has been created for you based on proven and time-tested methods and experience.
  • Coach in your back pocket
    The private, online Interactive Journaling platform allows you to travel further, faster. There’s no need to wait until your next coaching session to tackle issues, you can address them right when they’re happening. That allows us to jump into the next coaching conversation with a depth that would not otherwise be possible. The powerful combination of writing and coaching helps you see your blind spots AND your truth much more quickly…with support all along the way.
  • Everyday Life Toolkit
    We work on root solutions to create lasting, sustainable change. Even when the program comes to a close, you’ll have the tools you need to move out of survival mode and into clarity, confidence, and intentional forward momentum.

You’re the ideal candidate if:

  • You feel stuck or dissatisfied with your current situation
  • You’re a hyper-achiever going 100 MPH and feel the need to step back, reflect, and take stock of what’s most important
  • You’re at a crossroads in life and want to do differently this time
  • You’re ready to do things differently instead of spinning your wheels and getting nowhere
  • You’re motivated and committed to making significant, positive change
  • You’re ready to step outside of the performance vortex – tied up in performance or validation from others
  • You realize the motions you are making are not leading to the life you want to be living

The Differently Coaching Experience isn’t right for you if:

  • You want to advance your career at all costs
  • You believe when others change, your life will improve
  • You think problems will disappear as soon as you have enough time, money, or success
  • You aren’t willing to put in the effort to make lasting change

(and My Personal Guarantee)

You’re here because you have a deep desire to be in control of your life, to choose how you want your story to unfold with purpose and joy.

You may have tried other things before that didn’t work, took too long, or didn’t feel actionable enough.…

…and you might be apprehensive to embark on a new journey.

I know this program is going to provide all the tools, support, and knowledge you need to make massive transformation in your life. I promise to give you all of my attention, experience, and expertise to help you make that happen.

This is a high-integrity, personally tailored program into which I’ve invested years of study and experience. I’m confident you’ll receive the amazing outcomes so many others have had.

If something comes up or you have any issues with the program, you have my word we’ll work it out. We’ll jump on a call together and come to a resolution that we’re both comfortable with.

I believe in this program wholeheartedly (and I don’t teach anything I’m not walking and practicing in my own life.)

One thing I know for sure is when you say YES to invest in yourself and your life things begin to change for the better. (Sometimes even before our first session :))

Therapy can be an amazing process to help you understand yourself more clearly! Kudos to you for investing in yourself with therapy. The insights and knowledge you gained there are going to be a valuable foundation for what you’ll learn in the Differently Coaching Experience.

The main difference between coaching and therapy is in coaching, we focus on taking action to implement what you’re learning into life, in real time, to get better results.

Just as athletes rely on their coaches to refine their technique and keep progressing, coaching gives you the support you need as you navigate life, refining and progressing toward your goals at a typically faster rate than through therapy.

While both therapy and coaching are highly effective paths to understanding yourself better, the Differently Coaching Experience enables you to implement what you’re learning in real life, with your coach there every step of the way.

“One of the reasons I really enjoyed my work with Carla is because I’m very task oriented. Although I find traditional therapies incredibly helpful as well as an additional tool, the work I did with Carla was really a good fit because I wanted to really focus on specific areas in my life. I really wanted to do deep, intense work to see if I could have breakthroughs.”

–William Crouse, Documentary Producer

I’ve been in this spot many times. It can be scary to make a financial investment in yourself! 

I can tell you without hesitation that any investment you make – money,  time, or effort – to improve yourself, your relationships, and your life is SO worth it.

Explore more to relax your fear, but know that doing this work is going to feel like a leap – that’s because it’s important.  I can promise that if you show up and do the work to invest in your life this program is proven to pay dividends with the potential to continue paying dividends for years and years.

And don’t forget the alternative…  Maintaining the status quo and continuing on the path that hasn’t led you where you want to be – probably isn’t an option you want to live with? 

AND, you’ll walk away with the tools you can apply again and again to life changes and challenges. 

“The best thing you can do is invest in yourself. And we all need someone to help us and guide us in that journey.” ~Samantha R

“Investing in your own well being and mental health is one of the best things you can do.” ~Marie

I’ve had to be very vulnerable on my journey to creating a rich life and deep relationships. I understand how scary that can be!

Being vulnerable feels like you could be opening yourself up to hurt or judgment.

As your coach, I’m here to provide a safe space where you can take chances, examine mistakes, feel difficult emotions, and be honest about your wants and needs…

…free from judgment or criticism.

It’s my privilege to be your coach, to cheer you on, provide guidance, and give you fresh eyes with which to gain a perspective you’re too close to see on your own.

“There’s no question she’s a talented coach from a standpoint of her empathy and understanding and in her very easy manner. She understands you, gets you, and can see the blind spots.” ~Rob Cochran

I know how important it is to walk this path with someone whose personality, sense of humor, and values feel aligned with your own. 

We’re traveling great distances on this journey. You need a good travel buddy!

That’s why, before anything is set in stone, I’ll hop on a call with you so we can get to know each other a bit.

I’ll tell you about me (beyond coffee and yoga talk), and you’ll share a little with me.

You can ask me questions and share any concerns you might have.

By the end of the conversation, you’ll get a good feel for who I am, what I stand for, and how I roll so you feel confident we’re in alignment on all the important stuff.

“The people I’ve referred to Carla range from my mom, people my age, even my wife. I really felt a connection with her. She’s not just doing this work to get paid. She really believes that there’s a certain way to engage with her clients.” ~William Crouse, Documentary Producer

As a mom, a business owner, a podcast host, a coach, and a Do-er with a capital D, I get being busy. True change takes commitment, persistence, and accountability, but that doesn’t mean it has to take enormous amounts of time. With a focused 15 minutes a day or 30 minutes several days a week to think through the exercises and write in the interactive journal, you will see results.

I’ll be there to encourage you to participate as fully as possible so you can reach your goals.

Phrases like “find peace of mind,” “mental clarity,” and “forward momentum” are more than just pretty words. They translate into real quality of life results like:

  • Neutralize negative thoughts so they don’t have the same hold over you
  • Be less afraid to experiment and take chances
  • Feel energized and more engaged with work, relationships, and family
  • Approach challenges with curiosity
  • Solve problems more quickly and confidently
  • Spend less time stuck in your old patterns
  • Release hurt, loneliness, sadness, and trauma
  • Prioritize joy in your life

Of course!

Try to solve issues on your own, working to change yourself or fix what’s wrong. After all, you’re committed to making positive changes and creating a better life, and you know it will happen “someday.”

Spend months or years in therapy, addressing issues one session at a time.

Go to your trusted inner circle for wisdom, advice, and guidance.

Read personal development books, follow thought leaders.

Join group coaching, group counseling, or support groups.

The “someday” illusion is a convincing lie that keeps you at a distance from what you want. You don’t need to change who you are, you just need to shed the outdated operating system that once helped you to survive. Inside the Differently Experience, you’ll get the tools and the process for identifying the old ways so you can make way for the new ones.

The Differently Experience is an intensive program that helps you address issues from many different angles. You’ll have coaching sessions, but you’ll also have the Interactive Journal where you can write, process, ask questions, and get feedback in between sessions. This program is designed to help you reach your goals as quickly as possible.

Inside the Differently Experience, you’ll receive guidance, wisdom, advice, AND the knowledge and tools to implement positive change WITHOUT running the risk of burdening your inner circle or getting recycled feedback. Having an objective coach means getting a fresh, expert perspective.

I encourage all of that if it helps! But learning how to APPLY the information in a way that’s truly useful takes a trained guide to show you your
blind spots and help you tap into your own answers and clarity for your
next steps.

The beauty of the Differently Experience is the one-on-one aspect where we address the issues that are most important to you. You get my full attention to work on the areas of your life that will make the most impact in the most immediate way possible. We develop trust and security so you can feel safe sharing vulnerable or difficult situations.

A Final Word from Carla

You may be thinking that this sounds like a lot of work. That there’s a lot to fix in you. That this sounds hard.

But the truth is, doing this work, in this way, can be one of the most impactful and gratifying things you’ll ever do.

There’s a picture in my mind.

I see you on one side of a river, wanting so much out of life. Wanting to greet tomorrow with optimism. Wanting to get your spark back.

On the other side are the results you want:
Feeling lighter and freer
Being clear and intentional
Getting unstuck and moving forward

The problem is you can’t see the bridge yet. You don’t know how to cross to the other side.

Meanwhile, precious days keep rolling by.

What will your life look like in five years? Will you wish you had done something differently?

You know tomorrow is promised to no one.

Let’s cross the bridge together and not waste any more time, money, or emotional currency in struggle and frustration

The time is now to create better relationships and live that fuller version of life that you know you are here to live.

My heart is FULL of excitement and anticipation for you because I’ve been in your shoes, I’ve crossed the bridge, and I know you can, too.

No matter what path you choose, know I’m rooting for you.

And if you feel this program is right for you, it will be an honor to help you find the power that exists inside you to influence the quality of your life for the rest of your days.

– Carla

My someday has arrived!