Live the moments with intention.

Move forward, differently.

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Get out of survival | Reset your life | Move forward, intentionally

Let’s be real.

Leading everyday life with intention can feel hard.

  • You put a ton of energy into everything you do, and despite all that effort you’re left feeling reactive and unfulfilled.
  • From the outside, things are going well. But
    internally you feel a constant state of angst.
  • Your over-active, ambitious mind prevents you from being present with loved ones.
  • Your energy, drive and need to be busy spills into everything.
  • You long for more relaxation and play, but find it hard to do.
  • You want more balance, but it feels nearly impossible.

Life’s too short to keep spinning your wheels.
There’s a different, a more thoughtful, intentional way FORWARD.

It’s time to do things differently.

Our work isn’t about finding surface solutions, it’s about digging deep to the root of the issues you face and creating real, foundational change.

Let’s have a conversation

I want to get to know you, understand what you’re navigating, and see if we’re a good match to work together.

Choose the next step that’s right for you.

Together, we’ll choose the best way to move forward and create some relief in your life right away.

Create intentional, forward momentum

Shed the survival way of doing things, get equipped with new tools and approaches, and begin moving your life forward, intentionally.

Live every moment with intention.


(/līf • prəˈno͝o(ə)r/) /

Be the entrepreneur of your life.

Take the risk to create and live life boldly, authentically and in alignment with your values.

Step into the most creative adventure of your life.

Success Looks Like:

  • Shed the “survival” way of doing things and start living again
  • Upgrade your frame of mind
  • Gain tools to maintain a healthy mindset
  • Establish healthy boundaries with your energy and time
  • Lead with excitement instead of stress & guilt
  • Develop new, creative approaches to old challenges
  • Learn to set down the to-do list to enjoy other parts of your life
  • Blend work and life in a meaningful way
  • Show up intentionally to all areas of your life

I’m here to let you in on a little secret
you are the expert of your own life.
The answers are within you. And I’m here to help you find them.

Take the first step

Our work together deepens over time.


Get out of survival mode
+ reset your life.

Elevate Coaching Intensive
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Build positive mental habits.

6-Week Positive Intelligence Coaching Program + App


Private Coaching


Generate meaningful
growth all over your life.


Starting at $800/mo

* Pre-req: Elevate

Not sure where to start?

Schedule a call and we will figure that out together.


Live every moment with intention.

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