Say No With Love

Sep 12, 2017

Say No With Love

If you want to say YES to living an amazing, rich, purpose-filled life – learning how to say NO is vital.

Do you catch yourself saying yes, when really you mean no?

Do you do so with justifications that sound like “I felt pressured”, “It’s the right thing to do”, “I love giving”, “I don’t know how to say no”, and on and on?

Of course, there are always instances where saying yes is the right thing for you to do and a choice you make.  For the sake of this post, we aren’t talking about those times.  This has nothing to do with being generous and charitable with our time and talent – because that does make a difference and nothing feels better than truly being available and of service to another human being.

This IS about altering patterns that leave you depleted, empty and wondering why people don’t ever stop asking for your time while your own priorities, purpose, and greatest joys are sluffed aside and moved to the bottom of the list.

This is where learning to say no is vital.

What if learning to say no doesn’t mean you are selfish, uncaring, or unwilling?  What if saying no is really an act of respect for yourself and others AND a choice to live with integrity and commitment to what you have declared is important?

That feels different, doesn’t it?

The real shift comes when you learn to use the word no in a way that is authentic and aligned with your truth and values.  This opens the door to saying YES when you mean yes and saying NO when you mean no.  It’s possible to say no with love.

Honoring no in your life makes room for bigger and grander YES’s.

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