Why I Coach with a Journal

Feb 07, 2022

Why I Coach with a Journal

Someone recently asked me why I coach with a journal and it inspired me to capture it for you.

  • Journaling changed my life.
  • It changes the lives of my clients.
  • It strengthens, deepens and accelerates the work we do together.
  • It’s a life long tool that lasts long after coaching. It’s always at your fingertips, available 24×7 and free.

When you become a client of mine through my breakthrough coaching program, Elevate, I take you through a guided journaling process that’s paired with coaching calls designed to do 3 things…

  1. Calm the noise in your mind.
  2. Equip you with tools to be more present
    and engaged in your work, relationships and life.
  3. Restore clarity, and a sense of purpose that moves you into action.

Here’s how Journaling deepens and accelerates this for you…

It calms your mind.  
My coaching program has a proven methodology and structure we follow, but your life is what informs the journey and exactly what we work on.  Your writing helps to paint a picture of your current inner world – what it looks like, how it feels, and the impact it is having.  The journaling helps us to lay out what is hurting you, helping you, holding you back or moving your forward.  Similar to a doctor looking at your symptoms to determine what’s going on with you.  I look to your thinking to find out what is getting in your way – and more importantly, what needs to happen in order to make a positive shift.

It lightens your load.  
Journaling helps you to separate from your thoughts.  Old, outdated thoughts carry a lot of weight and can feel confining.  After clients begin journaling and unpacking things they have been carrying around, they begin to feel lighter.

Your journal talks back to you.

Imagine a journal that talks back to you – like a really good friend who stands for your dreams and you showing up as your best self.  When you journal with me inside of the Elevate Coaching Program – you aren’t journaling alone – I comment on your journal – highlighting what’s getting in your way, nudging you to go explore further and reflecting back to you – the beauty and truth of who you are. 

It equips me to be the best coach I can be for you. 
It provides exactly what we need to help you reshape the way you talk to yourself. We look at the writing together to understand your inner narrative and how it’s shaping your life today which informs the exact places where you can make simple, yet profound changes.

It amplifies and accelerates our work together.

It keeps us connected in between coaching sessions.
It keeps you supported, growing, and reflecting all week long.
It keeps us caught up and when we get to the next coaching call – we can go deeper.
It helps us to maintain momentum in between coaching sessions.
It allows you to travel farther in a shorter time frame.

And, honestly, there is more, but I know you don’t have all day. 🙂

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