3 Mindset Shifts that Changed Her Life

Mar 19, 2022

3 Mindset Shifts that Changed Her Life

If you feel like you are going through the motions, life looks pretty good on the outside, but inside you aren’t feeling it – you are not alone.

I interviewed my client, Karen Cummings, on the podcast this week and she shares her journey of feeling the same way. Karen and I have worked together on and off for several years or more now. Looking back on her coaching journey, she said there were 3 mindset shifts that stand out as having changed her life. She’s living life very differently today and so can you!

The 3 Mindset Shifts that Changed Her Life:

  1. Apply Curiosity: Curiosity can help you see past the barriers that are restricting you.

“I’m approaching life and these situations that are being presented to me in a more curious and playful way which makes life so much lighter, easier to navigate and more fun!”

  1. Lean into Trust: This mindset is about stepping back, giving it some space and trusting that things are unfolding for you instead of happening to you.

On the podcast, Karen talks about how she has changed her mindset from fear and dread to eager anticipation of what is coming next.

“How can I take advantage of this change to really level up my business, my team – instead of bumping up against change and pushing back or getting angry and scared – I enter these situations with an open, curious and excited mindset.”

  1. Restore Alignment: Often people feel overwhelmed and under-joyed because they are living out of alignment with who they are and what they believe. Karen talks about how she had a lot of rules about what success ‘should’ look like and how, during our work together, she created a new vision for success that aligned with her values. This mindset is an attitude of honoring your own unique design and God-given internal compass.

“I ultimately realized I was not aligned with my values. Understanding that, reflecting on who I am as a person and what my values are – and uncovering what success, for me, looks like, has changed the way I operate on a day to day basis, how I set goals for my team, and for my business.”

I am so excited to share this interview with you. Karen shares her journey before, during and after coaching and goes on to talk about the very different, and adventurous life she is embarking on today.

Grab your favorite beverage and let Karen’s journey stir and inspire your own!

Click here to listen to Karen’s journey.

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