The Magic of Mindful Time

Apr 12, 2018

The Magic of Mindful Time

Do you have thoughts like these?

“It’s already March!”

“Time is going so fast.”

“The older I get the faster it seems to go.”

“There’s never enough time…”

“If I just had more time…”

I do, too, and even when I don’t, I hear these thoughts around me and it takes a diligent effort to not let them take hold.  When I allow this type of thought to take hold in my mind, my heart beats faster and a frantic feeling fills my being.  Thinking like this leaves me feeling at the mercy of time – powerless to its dominion over me.

I’ve been on a mission to change my relationship with time.  What I mean is that I’m asking questions to interrupt my default reaction to time so that I have more choice and power to spend time in a way that is juicy and meaningful.  The truth is we are always choosing how we spend our time – we are just not always making conscious, mindful choices and this is where the magic happens.

What would happen if you tried on a mindful approach to spending, and accepting, the time you have?

What if there is a perfect amount of time?

What if you are exactly where you are supposed to be?

What if the secret to mastering time is eliminating the places that rob and steal the precious time you have?

Let’s say your car is leaking gas. You repair that leak and the gas goes farther than before because you’re actually using all of it.  It’s the same thing in life.  Maybe we don’t need to fret about lack of time – instead take all that mental energy and put it into harnessing the time we have. Therefore, we can ensure that we are carving it out in a way that feels right for us.

You might be wondering “how exactly do I do that?”

Here are some basic questions you can ask yourself to locate the source of your current energy and time leaks:

What am I tolerating in my life that no longer works? This can be simple things like broken items, pens that don’t work, unfinished business around your house, clutter that gets in your way every single time you do something. Or it can be larger things like relationships, repetitive conversations, arguments that just don’t seem to get solved.

Where am I spending large amounts of time and energy that results in feeling depleted and resentful?  This could be anxiety or time spent on social media, relationships that are consistently draining, tasks that aren’t vital or necessary in the moment.

Where have I given myself a job or responsibility that I have outgrown? Maybe this is an obligation or a hobby that you once took joy in, but now you could use a break from it. Most things in life aren’t as permanent as they feel and most tasks can be delegated when it’s time for you to move on. Evaluate where feelings of resentment are growing and ask yourself if it’s truly worth the time you’re spending.

Once you’ve identified the leaks, here’s what you can do.

As humans, we waste so much time and energy stewing on things and doing things that don’t make a difference.  What would happen if we harnessed that energy and put it towards the things you know you are here to do?  What would be possible?  What could you create?  What amazing moments could you capture and create in your day to day life?  What memories could you make with your children or loved ones if you weren’t lost in your head rehashing a conversation that occurred last week?

The next time you feel like time has a grip on you, remember to interrupt your thinking with:

  • What if there’s plenty of time?
  • Where can I shift the way in which I am relating to it?

This is good practice.  Go for progress, not perfection. The key is to keep practicing until it becomes a habit.

It’s been put on my heart to learn and share how to maximize and squeeze the juice out of this precious life we have.  My desire is that you glean one little change from reading this and take it back into your own life, share with others you love, and allow it to ripple far and wide.

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