What Does It Mean to Love With Action?

Apr 19, 2018

What Does It Mean to Love With Action?

I’ve been observing my clients do the incredible work to clean up and clear out their lives – to live free of the past and more fully today. Every now and again, I observe them reach a point where they think the work should be done.  It’s the illusion that someday they will have done enough work and there won’t be any more to do.  Haven’t we all felt that way at times? The truth is this: living a great life, living remarkably, is created, cultivated and practiced. Constantly.

The commitment to working on, and in, your life and clearing things up as they happen is the very thing that keeps you alive and thriving. It’s a practice, not a perfect. It’s in this practice where life is rich and juicy and full of purpose and meaning.

This month I have observed so many beautiful moments, particularly my clients doing the work and seeing it brighten up their world and the world around them. I want to share one of those stories with you. As my client, Vee, shared this story during our call, tears rolled down my face. I left the conversation with the feeling that everyone needs to hear this message.

Vee has generously given her permission to share this story. Her story so beautifully demonstrates what’s possible when we are willing to do the important work in our everyday lives. Here’s what she had to share.

Up until the time my son was 27, life was relatively normal.  At age 27 things began to change.  Since then, he has had recurring episodes, related to a thought/emotional disorder, that have disrupted our life and left us all frustrated and scared. I have struggled with my adult son’s behavior since that time. Over the past few weeks something has changed. I credit this change to the decision I made for this year to be my transformation year…the year I become a better version of myself. 

I’ve been able to demonstrate my love for my son as opposed to simply saying I love you. My love has become active and this shift is creating a positive change in my son. I am now giving him heartfelt hugs daily. I realized that somewhere along the way I stopped showing my son love. I would hug him goodbye if I was leaving on a trip, but now, I am giving him daily hugs. I am finding things to appreciate about him every day. I am noticing things he does well and shedding light on it. It’s been so good. 

I am accepting where he is instead of expecting him to be a certain way because of his age. I am meeting him where he is, and from there, supporting him and his growth. I am pouring love and support into him just like I would if someone else came to me. My son is hurting, and I had not been able to see this before now. This big shift has BRIGHTENED up my son! Instead of hounding on what I expect of him, I am accepting that I may have to help my son for the rest of my life and that is ok. The battle between he and I stopped. Love really does transform. Our relationship is forever changed.

This is it.

This is the work.

This is where life happens.

This is what I am talking about.

So often we get stuck in a rut of going through the motions. We, just like Vee, have the power to create an interruption for the sake of something greater. From her commitment to be a bigger version of herself, came the opportunity to see the situation with her son with new eyes. With a new perspective, new actions became possible. It’s the moments when we bring greater awareness and change the dance that surprise and magic awaits.  It’s these small, profound shifts that have the power to change your world and ripple goodness into the world around you.

Living remarkably isn’t about having a perfect life – it’s about equipping yourself to live courageously, authentically and fully right where you are.

Is there an area of your life that is waiting for your attention?  What would your version of “love in action” look like? What’s one step you can take today?

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