Resolution or Lasting Life Change?

Mar 22, 2018

Resolution or Lasting Life Change?

What are you up to this year?

What’s stirring in your heart to do?

Have you started?

How’s it going?


I love this time of year.  The energy is high as we embark on new things.  Everyone is bubbling with resolutions and new changes.  The gyms and yoga studios are packed with new people committed to making positive change.  People are moving and shaking outside of their comfort zones and it all generates a burst of great energy.

I want to let you in on some thoughts that have been circling in my head…

While this commitment to positive change is so good, what I am MORE curious about is how we can sustain all this great energy and ensure these positive actions turn into lasting lifestyle changes.

We initiate change in our lives to feel something new and different.  At the onset, this feeling is ignited and we’re energized, but over time, the feeling subsides and the new changes feel like hard work.  We get discouraged and defeated and our good habits slip away.

The secret to keeping it alive is keeping the spark alive.  Your spark is the very thing that gives you the where-with-all to show up, be consistent, see your goals come to life and keep them alive.

Two things you can do today to keep the spark alive…

1. Look at your goals everyday: For each one, ask yourself – why is this goal important to me? Is this a true lifestyle change I want to make? If, so what makes it vital and important? Note: Your investment in this “why” is key and will cause you to show up and do what it takes in the face of feeling otherwise. Type up your goals and read them everyday!

2. Set yourself up for success: Make a list of the people/tools/actions that will equip you to stay in action. Choose one and put it in place today.

I feel in my heart this year it’s ever important to get equipped from the inside out. Keeping the spark alive in order to lead our lives, expand our life’s work in the world, persevere and create positive impact.

And, for that reason I’ve declared it my mission to help as many people as I possibly can ignite and keep their spark alive!

I want your help.  If you or someone you know is ready to Ignite and Keep this Spark Alive AND make giant leaps forward in doing different this year…rather than falling into old habits or finding yourself discouraged by your commitment to change – here’s your chance.  Join me on my mission.  It begins with a casual conversation. Check it out and pass along to ignite someone else’s spark.

The first call is always complimentary.

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