Left or Right? Choose.

Mar 22, 2018

Left or Right? Choose.

Your next move is vital to reaching your goals.

You kicked off the year with some goals.  What’s happening now?  Are you making progress?  If so, way to go and keep it up!

If you find yourself in that in-between space between setting the goal and dumping the goal – pay attention.  This is where the most important work happens.

In the past, you might have become overwhelmed, jumped ship and convinced yourself it wasn’t that important or you’ll get back to it when things slow down.  This is one of the sneaky ways we trick ourselves into putting off the things that really matter.  Resist the urge to give up on your goal and stack up evidence that it’s just too hard, you don’t have what it takes, etc…

You DO have what it takes!  What it takes is doing DIFFERENT than you’ve done before.  When I get stuck, these approaches help me get energized and back in action.  I hope they help you too.

7 Ways to Re-Energize Your Goal

  1. Re-visit the goal(s) to find the real force that set that goal.  Let that fuel your next step.  Then, make it a practice to read your goal everyday until it’s in your bones.
  2. Ask yourself – what feeling did I hope to achieve by reaching that goal?  Instead of going for the goal – go for the feeling.  What can you do today to move closer to that feeling?  Do that very thing.  Repeat daily.
  3. Break your goal into mini-actions.  Bank some small wins to build momentum towards the bigger goal.
  4. Ask yourself – what would make the action a little easier and a little more fun?  This is one way you can set yourself up to win and enjoy it along the way.
  5. Think consistent, aligned actions.  Resist the urge to overthink.  Simply show up, take the steps that move you closer to the goal, and repeat often.
  6. I once heard someone say that consistency is sexy!  It really is.  Consistency creates progress and traction towards your most meaningful goals.  This feels good and you begin standing taller and shining brighter.  It’s contagious.
  7. Make it your mission to surround yourself with the tools and support to keep moving forward, because anything else is just not an option any more.

Falling into the old behaviors will pretty much guarantee the same results.  The magic happens when you change your approach.  It starts with consistency and habit and eventually the results will take over and fuel you forward.

Here’s to moving forward.  Step by step.  You’ve got this.  I believe in you.

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