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How to Say NO Politely, with Love and Boundaries

Jun 27, 2024

How to Say NO Politely, with Love and Boundaries

By Carla Reeves | June 27, 2024


This summer we are doing a series called Mindset Camp. It will be made up of mostly simple, thought-provoking episodes to give you something short + sweet to take action on right away!

Today is Episode 5 of that series.

Do you catch yourself saying yes…when you’d really rather say no?

Does saying no make you feel icky or selfish? 

If this feels familiar, this episode is for you.

In this short episode, part of our summer series, Mindset Camp, you’ll learn how to say no politely, with love, and in a way that respects your boundaries and is respectful to everyone.

In this bite-sized episode, you’ll discover:

  • A new mindset view about the word NO
  • The biggest benefit to honoring the word NO that you may not have thought of
  • A journaling prompt that will help you discover the areas in your life where saying NO is can be used to honor BOTH parties

Learning to say no politely, with loving energy, is an essential life skill that helps you stay aligned with your commitments and values.

Give this episode a listen and end the resentment of saying yes when you really want to say no. Gain the freedom and lose the guilt as you learn to say no politely, with love


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