Where’s Your Focus?

Jun 30, 2020

Where’s Your Focus?

Could it be a FOCUS problem?

The first five minutes of a coaching call is usually spent letting my client unpack their thinking. That means sharing what’s top of mind, what’s tugging at them, and what’s occurred since we spoke last that hasn’t been captured in their online journal.

As they’re doing that, I am diligently listening. And, what I’m listening for is this….

What in their thinking is clouding their view?

Getting in their way?

Causing them to feel the way that they do?

And, is it real?

The other thing I look for is where is their focus?

Oftentimes as humans. Our focus naturally turns towards what we DON’T want.

A simple shift I help clients make is to shift their thinking from what they don’t want to what they do want.

And this simple shift can change everything.

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say that a client is concerned about her job and she’s concerned about her performance, letting people down, not meeting the expectations of her manager.

How does that make you feel?

Likely… It makes you feel powerless.

It makes you feel less than. It makes you feel like you’re behind it makes you feel anxious. It creates stress and on and on and on.

But when we stop and ask her. What is it that you do want? What does great performance look like?

What would your manager be telling you if they were really happy and fulfilled with the work that you’re doing? Is there anything hanging over your head that you need to get in communication about to restore your performance or integrity?

Then I let her describe that. Why does that feel? Like, what does it sound like? What was the experience like? How would that make you feel?

And then I asked her. What can you do that will move you closer to those very things you desire? What is within your control to do now that aligns with your desired outcome?

Then, go do those very things.

And watch what happens.

How might you apply this in your life today?

It’s a simple shift in focus. From what you don’t want to what you DO want.

And that simple shift can change everything.

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