Is Feeling “Too Busy” Clouding Your View?

May 23, 2018

Is Feeling “Too Busy” Clouding Your View?

Are you so busy doing and hurrying through your day that you are missing the moments you truly desire?

Maybe you, like me, find yourself thinking, “I need more time” or “Things need to change to have more of what I really want.”

I want to share a little secret with you. Often, the very thing you deeply desire is right in front of you. The only thing preventing you from having it is an outdated lens. A lens is like a pair of glasses that we wear through life. The lens we see life through is made up of our recurring thoughts. Maybe yours is the “I’m too busy lens.”  If your lens is filled with thoughts of “I’m too busy, I don’t have time, I have too much to do, I don’t have time to slow down,” and so on…  guess what your experience of everyday life is going to feel like?

I want to share with you this mom’s a-ha moment. She posted this to her coaching journal and graciously gave me permission to share..

Tonight, while giving the milk bottle to my baby at her bedroom, she touched my hand, and that gesture made me realize that my thoughts until that very tiny moment were all about “finish now. I want to have dinner. I want to read” without me even being aware of those kinds of thoughts. But thanks to her “hand hug”, I have chosen to let go of the “stressful” thoughts.  I was naturally taken back to when she was inside my womb, how deeply I wanted to touch her hand… and here I was, touching her hand.  For the rest of the feeding, I just stayed with her, aware, being grateful for that magical moment, of realizing her hands, life creation, her touching my skin… 2 weeks ago, this moment would end up me leaving the room with my mind charged and feeling tired. Today, it was a blessing. I felt tired, yes, but because of the work day and the commute to work – not because of my mind stressing me while losing what’s happening now.

Her journal entry struck me. It made me think about how many moments go missed because of the “I’m too busy lens”.  It showed how a simple shift in thinking is the true gateway to having more moments filled with the very things we so deeply desire.

What moments are you missing?  What is your “thinking lens” and how might it be robbing you of joy? Are you ready to make a big, positive shift?  If so, schedule your complimentary session below.

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