My Lighten Up Checklist

Mar 24, 2021

My Lighten Up Checklist

Has life felt heavy for awhile now?

Or on the flip side, are you feeling much lighter these days, but waiting for “the other shoe to drop”?

Do you want to know what you can do to create and sustain feelings of lightness in your life?

You’re in the right spot.

Welcome to my Lighten Up List, things you can regularly do to lighten your load and make navigating through the tough, uncontrollable parts of life feel smoother.

I’ve learned over the years that there are many parts of life that I can’t control and life doesn’t always go the way I intend or desire.

Instead of resisting it and letting the heaviness weigh me down, there are certain practices that, when I do them regularly, help me to navigate the good times AND the hard times with a greater sense of ease and confidence.

Even when I can’t control the circumstance and I’m struggling to feel good about it, I know I always have a choice as to how I will show up to it.

So do you.

When I make that choice with intention, I can stand tall in the moment, minimize regret and be far more present to what is happening.

Here are the things I have picked up along the way that have allowed me to bring more “light-ness” to everyday moments and times that are hard to navigate. 

My Lighten Up Checklist

  • A morning routine: this is a daily routine that kicks off my day and includes one or more of the following…
    • quiet reflection
    • prayer
    • reading
    • music
    • movement
    • and writing

Sound overwhelming? I started with 10 minutes and it’s grown to 1 hour plus. This sets the foundation for a solid day, everyday. Start small and reap the rewards of maintaining peace and confidence no matter what the day throws at you.

  • Release pressure, apply love: this is a great prescription when you feel overwhelmed
  • Set down the “heavy”: sometimes the only piece we can control is our thinking and perception
    • Do you struggle to let go? Click here to listen and learn how to let go of the thoughts that create heaviness and restore a sense of calm.
  • Prayer/Faith: the longer I live, the more I realize how faith is foundational to a peaceful life. While tools for living and a healthy mindset are vital, my relationship with God is the cornerstone of peace in my life.
  • Assume positive intent until you know otherwise: this is an antidote to worry and thinking for others
  • Listen to “The Sound of Sunshine” (trust me, you’ll love it!)
  • Move my body: always ‘in your head’? Regular physical movement makes everything look and feel better
  • Laugh at myself and with others: just like on this Differently episode with Holiday Manning
  • Sweep daily: but not the kind of sweeping you’re thinking of. Find out what kind of sweeping I’m talking about here
  • Forget myself and go have a good time: my mom’s infamous words :).

Comment below and tell me which element of the Lighten Up List you’re going to play with this month!

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