CEO: Your Life

Jul 01, 2021

CEO: Your Life

Do you feel like the CEO of your life? 

There was a time when I definitely did not feel this way about my life.  It felt more like I was blowing with the wind and at the mercy of everyone and everything around me.  I know differently today, and over the years have been blessed to meet people and resources that helped me to see where I have power and influence to shape the quality of my everyday life.

It’s the good news, bad news.

The good news is you get to take responsibility for your life.  The bad news is you get to take responsibility for your life. :0

And, taking responsibility for your life, might require some inside exploration.

Here are 5 things you can do to start leading life like a CEO….

  1. Tune into your thinking.  Your thoughts are creating your reality – log them for several days to see what reality you are affirming creating.
  2. Trade up your thinking to align more closely to what you want to create and build in your life.  (example:  current thinking:  life is hard.  I feel like I am surviving)  new thinking:  Life can be hard, but I have choices in each and every moment that can make me feel better.  I am surviving today, but this one new action is a step in the right direction.  
  3. Choose your direction and take an inventory of how you are spending your time.  Is it in line with the direction you want to go?  If not, what’s one small action can you start that will move the needle for you?  Daily, weekly, monthly?  Imagine how that one small step consistently could change the landscape for you.
  4. Make intentional choices.   The large changes we desire live inside of how we are showing up to the moments.  You can make small shifts in the moments and over time those grow to the larger changes.  Example:  Find a moment where you have been saying yes, when you really mean no.  Maybe at work you always take on work that isn’t yours to take on and then get behind on other things or struggle to leave work at a reasonable hour.  What if you began setting a loving, clear, healthy boundary. Choosing to say no means you are saying yes to something bigger and overtime that small shift will have a huge impact.

5. Start your day on purpose.  Set an intention.  Do one thing early in the day that makes you feel great at the end of every day.

So, CEO – how will you choose to lead your day tomorrow?  What is the positive impact that will have? 

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