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Revitalize Your Routine Through Mindful Movement with Beth Sandlin

Apr 24, 2024

Revitalize Your Routine Through Mindful Movement with Beth Sandlin

By Carla Reeves | April 25, 2024


Ever wondered why some days, no matter how much coffee you guzzle, your motivation has packed it’s bags and left – nowhere to be found?

Guess what? There is a different way to approaching these days and it has nothing to do with forcing and controlling – and everything to do with tuning in and working with your body to maximize your energy and time so that you can show up for all the things that matter to you.

Beth Sandlin joins us again today. Beth is committed to inspiring people to take Aligned Action toward their wellness goals, Specializing in dynamic at-home Pilates workouts, her approach blends mindfulness and energy level to nurture your nervous system.

She models from true experience what it means to move your way through life’s obstacles in a healthy, mindful way.

In this episode, you will learn…

  • Learn how to better understand and work with and through these energy dips
  • How to listen to the body’s subtle cues and how they are a golden ticket to a more aligned energetic days
  • How changing up your routine can bring new life to the daily grind
  • To imagine a world where workouts are no longer a chore but a conversation with they body
  • And MORE!

This heart-to-heart is not just about fitness; it’s an invitation to a dance with life’s rhythms, where pausing can be as powerful as pushing forward.


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