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Marketing Mindset Traps & Shifts with Karen Cummings

Jan 18, 2024

Marketing Mindset Traps & Shifts with Karen Cummings

By Carla Reeves | January 18, 2024


Ever felt trapped in your own marketing maze? 

Karen Cummings, Founder of Radiant Marketing, joins us today to share refreshing insights to help us reframe our marketing efforts into a joyful service to those who need our offerings the most.

And,  if you don’t have a marketing challenge – you can likely transfer the concepts to just about any area of your life where your mindset might be tripping you up.

Karen founded Radiant in 2015, inspired by her mission to bring possibilities to life for entrepreneurs. When it comes to digital marketing, lead generation, content creation, and more she is passionate about balancing creativity with research and data-backed strategies to help health brands across the country grow their businesses.

Get ready to dive into the three common mindset traps that may be holding you back and what you can do to ELEVATE YOUR RESULTS THIS YEAR.

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a newcomer, join us for this invigorating discussion that promises to spark new strategies for your marketing journey this year.


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