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Grateful for the Nudges

Nov 28, 2022

Grateful for the Nudges

You know the moments where you feel a nudge to reach out to someone and you make that call or send that text or reply to that email – it might seem small, but it’s actually big.

I’ve been noticing the way these nudges have impacted my life

Thursday was the 100th episode of the Differently podcast! (Full story here on the podcast)

This was a huge milestone for me and honestly one I never, in a million years, imagined or thought I could do.

I’ve been reflecting the past couple of days on what made that possible and noticed something.

There have been so many little gestures over the years that have been quiet, but significant in my journey forward as an entrepreneur.

Whether it was a simple reply to my email, something someone said in a conversation, a new podcast review, a call from a friend, a conversation with a client or an out of the blue text at just the right moment – these all had impact.

These simple gestures have helped me stay the course when I doubted, felt afraid, or questioned if there was any point in continuing.

These little gestures matter.

Keep listening and responding to the little nudges in your life. They make a huge difference for the people in your life.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving – take stock of all the little arrows pointing you forward in your life. Maybe they show up in your inbox, through a podcast, the words in a book, or the writing on a billboard – let them move you forward.

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