Find Your Write Mind + More

Apr 20, 2020

Find Your Write Mind + More

I don’t know about you, but for me staying in a good headspace is requiring some extra love and care and the payoffs are huge. Here are a few simple go-tos that can create a nice turn-around for your frame of mind.

Get in your Write Mind:  Writing for me has always been a vehicle for navigating challenging and uncertain terrain to find truth and figure out who I want to be in the face of my circumstances.  Here are 3 simple steps.

  1. Take out the mental trash daily!  Just like you keep your home clean, it’s imperative to keep your headspace clean too.  Take 5-10 minutes to empty your thoughts on a page.  Start with “Today I’m feeling….” Let all your thoughts fall onto the page.  No need to edit.  When you’re done – feel free to literally throw it away.
  2. Next, ask yourself “Who do I want to be in the face of today?”  “What do I want to do, experience or feel in this moment?”
  3. Then, ask – “What can I think, be and do to move in that direction?”  Write your way to a new feeling place.

Hike it out: Take a question and hit the trail or path near you.  When you finish take a minute to write down what stood out from your walk.  What did you see, hear, feel? This week I set out on a hike with a prayer that God give me a message – here’s what I posted just after.

Try a Quick Mood-Changer:  Here are some ideas I heard on a webinar this week….

  • Play music
  • Movement – Move your body (dance, exercise, stretch)
  • Pet your dog 🙂 , plant a garden, take photos, play a game, take a bath, etc..

I’d love to hear what’s helping you.
What’s one thing you are doing that’s having a positive impact for you?

– Carla

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Ways I can support you…

Here are some simple ways I can support you during some unique times…

For a limited time – I am offering Finding Your Way Strategy Sessions.  I have found with my clients that right now having a space to sort through their own thinking is highly valuable.  Whether it’s dealing with mental noise, processing a new idea or simply finding clarity about your next step – these sessions are perfect for just that. Schedule a session here.

Master Your Time:  An inside-out approach to changing the way you spend your time for good:  If you find yourself rethinking how you want to spend your time going forward…In this online experience I will guide you through ‘inside-out’ strategies in a simple-to-follow, easy-to-digest course with videos and worksheets to prompt your thinking and facilitate the steps you need to take to get you where you want to be with your relationship with time.  Check it out here.

Curious about Coaching?  For some people, this is a perfect time for making the profound changes you have been thinking about for some time.  If this is you, let’s have a conversation to clarify the change you want and whether working together is a good match. Schedule a call here.

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