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Dizzy with Busy?

Mar 28, 2019

Dizzy with Busy?

Has busyness taken over your life? I remember so clearly running from thing to thing, with a gnawing sense of urgency lurking over my shoulder. I felt powerless and consistently guilty because it never felt like I was doing enough or spending time where it really mattered.

I sensed there was something more and longed for something different, but couldn’t see a way out. I have since been on a mission to transform this in my own life and have the honor to help others shift the way they see and experience their precious, non-renewing resource – time.  When we shift this, a whole new way of experiencing this incredible life becomes available.

There are 5 common self-limiting thoughts that impeded my own change and ones I see again and again with my clients.

1. I don’t have enough time.
2. I have too much on my plate.
3. If I can just get faster, quicker and better at what I do, then I’ll have more time.
4. Once I get through this list, then I’ll have time to do the things that I REALLY want to do.
5. When things slow down, the kids get older, etc……then it will be better.

My heart speeds up and my brain feels cluttered just reading these out loud. These thoughts can be so convincing and we’ve likely collected tons of evidence for them being true – and these very thoughts keep us at arms lengths from what our hearts desire most. Meanwhile, time slips by and before we know it it’s been weeks, months and then years and we’re still hoping, trying and waiting for the time to do what matters.

The solution appears to be getting the list done, clearing what’s on your plate, getting better at time-management and maybe even hoping our jobs or others will change to give us more space and time.  The truth is – this just keeps us spinning our wheels with little to no traction on what matters and our precious time passes by.

Warning: This mindset is so convincing and when we look around, we find all sorts of evidence that it’s true.  It’s easy to get resigned to the idea that this is just the way it is. Staying stuck in this mindset creates a self-fulfilling prophecy and will likely produce the same unfulfilling results.

Abort! Get Out! Quick!

Interrupting this pattern requires an inside-out approach.  It begins with your thinking. Clean up your thinking first and how you relate and approach time will naturally begin to shift.

There are 3 steps that my clients and I use again and again to disengage from old patterns.

1. Examine your thinking. What you think over and over again becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. When you confirm every day that you don’t have enough time – you are likely anxious and rushing from thing to thing and always feeling behind and focused on a shortage of time.
2. Upgrade your thinking to more closely align with what you REALLY want.
3. Align your actions to this new thinking and be ready for your experience to shift.

This shift requires muscle and practice. I promise it will be worth every ounce of your effort.

To get started, explore these questions in a notebook…

• What are your recurring thoughts when it comes to time?
• How do these thoughts drive and impact your behaviors and actions?
• How do these thoughts and actions impact the way you feel throughout your day?

Then, upgrade your thinking…

• How do you want to feel when it comes to time?
• What new thoughts move you closer to that desired feeling?
• What actions align with your desired outcome?

Try this out for a week.  Observe what happens.  Repeat what works.  Refine as you go.

If you are ready to make a massive, positive interruption to busyness in your everyday life – I can help.

Let’s chat. Schedule some time with me here.

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