Clean Out Your Closet; Figuratively & Literally

Mar 15, 2019

Clean Out Your Closet; Figuratively & Literally

I have a small closet and share it with my husband, making it even smaller. I used to dream of having loads of clothes, but what I find is the more clothes I have, the harder it is to find something to wear.

The same is true with our minds. When the mind is too full, we lose vitality due to the competing noise of too many thoughts.

I’ve been cleaning out closets and it occurred to me that it takes 7 simple steps that not only apply to clearing out your closet, but clearing up your mind!

Clearing out physical space works in tandem with refreshing our mental, emotional and spiritual self too.  Here’s a peek at what I did and what you can do too.

7 Steps to a Clean Closet:

1. Empty:  Take everything out. Stack it by category. (jeans, t-shirts, work clothes, off-season items, etc…)
2. Sort: Go through each pile and pull out items to donate, try on, store for off-season.
3. Discard: Pack up items to donate and pack away off-season clothes.
4. Imagine: Plan your ideal closet space. Identify a location for each category.
5. Restore: Put things back according to your new plan.
6. Exhale: Breath deeply.  Enjoy your clean, organized space.
7. Celebrate: You did it!  You’ve just cleared physical and mental clutter that will ripple into your every day.

Guess what?  You can clear out some mental clutter using the same simple steps.

7 Steps to a Clear Mind:

1. Empty: Regularly empty your thoughts in a journal.
2. Sort: Stand back and observe your thoughts.  Which are old/outdated?  Holding you back?  Propelling you forward?
3. Discard: Be diligent about which thoughts you allow to stay and release the rest.
4. Imagine: What do you really, really want to do, feel and experience?
5. Restore: Replace old thoughts with new thoughts that align to what you really, really want.
6. Exhale:  Sigh relief after releasing negative, self-limiting thoughts.
7. Celebrate:  You did it! You’ve just harnessed mental energy that will ripple into everything you do.

While clearing out your closet is recommended with the changing of seasons, taking care of your mind is a daily practice.

“Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you see the world.  – George Bernard Shaw

Happy Spring!  Here’s to clean closets and clear minds!

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