A Diet for the Mind

Apr 28, 2017

A Diet for the Mind

A client recently shared this about her coaching experience:

“This coaching work we did reveals what we can live with and thrive with, and what we can discard. It is a diet for the mind.” – Michelle G.

I loved this!  “A diet for the mind.”  It’s so true.  Describing what coaching is can be so difficult, especially when people feel they already have an idea of what it means to work with a coach.  So, I want to share with you how working with a coach really IS a diet for your mind.

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6 Ways Coaching is a Diet for the Mind

1. You get to understand why you think the way you do.

They say “think outside of the box” – well it’s true! There really is a box and it can be difficult to see the box we’re operating inside of, when we’re INSIDE OF IT. In coaching you will begin to understand the walls you’re running up against and why it keeps you stuck.  From this new understanding, you have the ability to make lasting, sustainable changes in your life because you’re no longer trapped by outdated thinking that has held you back.

Yes, it really is true, “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” That’s one of my favorite quotes from the beloved Dr. Wayne Dyer.

To bring it back to the diet metaphor, this is the same concept of looking at what you eat, and understanding why or when you reach for these foods.

2. You get to shed the old stories that just aren’t working anymore. 

We all tell stories about ourselves, our relationships, how things are and the state of the world around us. These stories shape our experience and results. They form a lens that we see, interpret, and react to life through.  Often this lens can keep us from experiencing the very things we desire. In coaching, we take a look at the stories you are telling and determine whether they’re helping you, hurting you, or holding you back. You will understand why you picked up this lens in the first place and have freedom to select from an assortment of lenses that move you forward.
Similar to a diet, this part of the coaching experience compares to what it would mean to breakthrough old eating patterns.  I am not a diet and wellness coach. However, the things that come up in our sessions apply to and ripple over into many areas of your life. When you enter into a coaching relationship, the possibilities are limitless.

3. Coaching empowers you to think mindfully.

You know those food cravings you have? First for the sweet, then for the salty. Or maybe it’s just sugar! Sugar! Sugar!  Well, the same way that our cravings can feel like they control us, so can our patterns of thought. Our thinking is often running our emotions and the outcomes we experience. Think about it. Everything that’s going on around you is experienced through YOUR perception. No one else’s. And your perception is built off of YEARS of learning, habit forming, cultural influence, familial pressures, and stories you’ve told about yourself (good and bad) for as far back as you can remember. Just like your desire to nourish your body with foods that support you, in coaching, you will learn to manage and choose thoughts that nourish your life so that you can shift from feeling powerless, to having a sense of control and direction in your life again.

4. Together, we’ll harness your thinking energy.

Many people come into coaching and discover they are spending their energy in places that are outside their domain of responsibility.  Often, we over-give to those around us and put ourselves at the bottom of the to-do list.  We make our own desires small, and unimportant, while a truck load of time-sensitive tasks pile up around us. Together, we work through redirecting your time, energy, and personal power. You’ll learn how to rein in your energy and align it with the things you say are most important.  This frees up your mental load, increases your overall energy and restores purpose and meaning in your life.

RE: Dieting –  This is similar to making new choices (food, exercise, etc.) that fuel your body, mind, and soul!

5. Coaching helps you eliminate debilitating thought patterns.

Is there something you are doing that just isn’t working? Maybe a relationship that repeats the same cycle of discontent. Or, perhaps you’re in a rut with your business, and don’t know what to do to change things. Or maybe, when things go south, the first thing you do is head for that HoHo in the pantry.

When I’m working with a coaching client, one of the most rewarding shifts clients make is when they disengage from a pattern that doesn’t work.  Together, we invent a new one that aligns with what they truly want.  As they step into a new, aligned pattern, their mood, energy and joy increase and that ripples all over their life.  This is incredible to witness!

You don’t have to feel like you need to figure these things out for yourself. Everyone can benefit from having someone in their corner who helps them see the blind spots and clear the way so they can be their best and brightest self.   As your coach, that’s my job!

6. Lastly, you’ll get in action + see results!

Don’t worry, coaching isn’t some magical, woo woo conversation where we get on the phone and all your problems are solved. If only life worked that way!  We follow a proven process where you will understand and disarm the patterns that keep you stuck.  Next, you will create new patterns that align with what you really want (ie: connection, confidence, clarity, purpose, etc..) and build muscle so this practice becomes natural and roots into your everyday life.

As you integrate the mindsets, tools and habits, life feels lighter and flows with greater ease and joy. One of the perks of having me as your coach is that you’re never alone in your quest to create the life of your dreams. Our relationship provides you with the support, positive lens, and the tools you need to pick yourself back up when you fall (because you will, we all do), and realign with what you value most.

Together, we lay foundation for you to become the person you’ve been envisioning for your life. And believe me, if you can dream it up, it’s a possibility. Let’s get together, go a bit deeper, and see whether a “diet of the mind” is a good fit for you.

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