Turn Around Your Thinking, Quickly

Aug 15, 2019

Turn Around Your Thinking, Quickly

It’s easy to get stuck in our thinking and see no way out.  It’s extraordinary to use the power of your mind to pivot on the spot and take your mood, energy, and direction to an entirely new domain.

You hold the ability to pivot your thinking, pivot your actions and ultimately pivot your day and your life….it’s all within you and starts with a desire and willingness to leap out of a thinking rut and take yourself somewhere new.

Here are some quick go-to’s I use to turn around my thinking.  Slip them in your back pocket – and watch how they turn things around and get you moving in a better direction, quickly!

5 Ways to Pivot Your Thinking, Quickly

  1. Focused on ALL the things you need to do?  Zoom in on the ONE thing you CAN do right now.
  2. Feeling a lack of connection and love?  Give away the love you’re looking for and watch it come back.
  3. Planning for what could go wrong?  Instead, create a plan that increases the likelihood of things going right.
  4. Hyper focused on the one thing you did wrong?  Pause and count the 5 things you did right.
  5. Ruminating over the challenge in front of you?  Ask yourself instead – what’s the opportunity that lies within this challenge?

A simple shift in your thinking can propel you into a new realm of possibility.

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