The Four Survival Types

Aug 12, 2022

The Four Survival Types

I’m sure you’ve heard the term or at least heard someone say before, “I was in survival mode”.

But what does being in survival mode really mean and how does it apply to non-life-or-death scenarios?

When I’m working with a coaching client, one of the key-ingredients we identify to help my client shift from surviving to thriving is their own individual Survival Type.

Your Survival Type literally helped you to survive your environment at one time.  It is made up of patterns that cause you to think and behave the way you do.  This “survival” way of living has gotten you to where you are, however, it’s likely the very thing that is getting in your way today and keeping you from where you want to go next.

Now keep in mind as you browse these 4 Survival Types that you may identify with more than one and that’s okay!

Also, while these are 4 of the survival types, they are not all of them. So if you don’t find one that fits like a glove, don’t beat yourself up or feel like you’re an enigma.

Take the quiz to find out your primary type.

The Invisible Altruist 

For the Invisible Altruist, the voices in your head frequently tell you that you don’t matter and you’re not important. This causes you to put the needs of others above your own. You spend a significant amount of time and energy caring for others, but struggle to feel seen and heard.  The things that are important to you seem to always fall to the bottom of the list.

The Invisible Altruist has a superpower to hear and see others in a way that makes them feel highly valued. Unfortunately, you don’t always get the same in return, which leaves you feeling sad and disappointed. This may cause you to miss out on what the other person DOES bring to the relationship.

The Insecure Achiever

For the Insecure Achiever, the voices in your head frequently tell you that you aren’t good enough, you don’t measure up, and may go as far as to tell you that you are a failure. This causes you to have very high expectations for yourself.  You may find yourself overworking, over committing and overcompensating. While you put on a happy face and look very successful on the outside, inside it never feels like you’ve done enough. This is exhausting.

The Insecure Achiever’s superpower is high energy and an ability to go, go, go. Unfortunately, you don’t always know how to stop and relax. This can leave you always on the run and feeling exhausted. Having your work recognized keeps you going for a while, but deep down, even that’s not enough.

The Misfit Maverick

For the Misfit Maverick, the voices in your head frequently tell you that you’re different and you don’t belong. This causes you to shrink and hide. You feel like you don’t fit in, so you can find yourself morphing and contorting yourself to match others in the hopes of feeling less isolated.

The Misfit Maverick’s superpower is making others feel welcome. You are warm and make sure everyone feels included when you can. You know you have something unique to contribute, but struggle with feeling confident and standing tall in who you are and what you do.

The Loyal, Lone Wolf

For the Loyal, Lone Wolf, the voices in your head frequently tell you that you’re alone and on your own. This makes it hard to let others in.  You take everything on yourself and get frustrated that others don’t help.  You long to cultivate deep and meaningful connections, but your survival patterns may push people away – leaving you alone once again.

The Loyal, Lone Wolf’s superpower is the ability to thrive on your own. You are independent and know how to get things done. You’re extremely loyal to those who you’ve let in your inner circle.  You’re likely proud of these qualities, but deep down you long for connection and support.

Your Survival Type is a snapshot of a pattern embedded deep inside that can prevent you from achieving the results and experiences that you desire today.

When you begin to understand and recognize your Survival Type – you have the choice to do differently.  And, as you change your thinking and actions, your experiences and results change too.

Want to discover your complete Survival Model, or just want some help deciphering which Survival Type you are?

Schedule a call with me and let’s explore your Survival Type further and how working together can help you get out of survival for good.

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