Wake up your team to the impact of their thinking…and inspire them to shift it on the spot. When people “see” the connection between what they think, do, and experience they are empowered and inspired to change.

They suddenly have the opportunity to create dramatic, positive changes that ripple into all areas of their life. It’s priceless. And it’s what I can bring to your team.

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Josh Rawitch, SVP

Arizona Diamondbacks

“Carla’s positive energy had an immediate impact on our staff as they started to consider new ways of thinking from the moment she began speaking to them. The feedback that I received was extremely positive and her message will no doubt stay with me and all of them well beyond her presentation.”

Kayla Camp, Program Manager,

PetSmart HQ Fitness Center

“Carla did a fantastic job presenting her workshop. It was motivating and inspiring to everyone and allowed us to challenge our thoughts and think in a different way by the end. I received positive feedback from everyone on how powerful her message was, and they all want her to come back and speak again! I highly recommend this workshop because it has created such a positive impact on our members.

Through one of a kind, interactive experiences shared over 60 minutes, your group will begin shifting the way they see and perceive themselves and the world around them. They come away with simple steps they can start using right away. This interactive presentation is perfect for your next gathering, team building event, or corporate meeting.

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Deb Mikkelson, Director

Early Warning Services, LLC

“Carla created a custom interactive presentation for our employees on ‘Think with Purpose’.  The feedback was overwhelming and sent a positive message of ‘don’t always believe everything you think’. We at EWS gained great insight and tips to improve our thinking!”

Chris Green

PetSmart HQ

“Interrupt your life! This workshop is fantastic! It helps you to shift your thinking, challenge yourself to change and focus on what you can control so that you can live more fully at work and home beginning now.”

Marci Woods

PetSmart HQ

“This was a very positive interruption to my day and to my life. It was extremely enjoyable and valuable session that made a big impact to the way I will think about and spend my energy.”

Sammie R.

Phoenix Year Up

“This workshop revealed the importance of
your inner thoughts and how they can limit your potential.”