Navigating an Uncertain World

Nov 12, 2020

Navigating an Uncertain World

As I sat down to write to you, I found myself spinning about what to write. This felt symbolic to what’s happening in the world.  The world right now feels like it’s spinning in limbo between what was and what is going to be. There’s a sense we are moving forward and it’s time to pick up the pieces, yet the pieces feel different and the uncertainty of it all can make us feel uneasy.

What if all of the uncertainty in our outer world creates a perfect opportunity to build more stability in our inner world.

When we feel uncertain, we often default to controlling things in our external world hoping it will create more inner security and safety.  You may even find yourself trying to force an outcome or attempting to control the people in your life to behave a certain way.  This is tiring too – not only for us, but for them as well.

I’ve been feeling that the most important thing I can do right now for myself and those I love is to do everything it takes to be calm, centered and rooted in love.

While the solution to uneasiness may appear to be getting the outer world back in line, the real solution is to draw inward and create peace and harmony within.  Do you have the tools to do this for yourself?  As you create harmony within, you will discover that you are far more equipped to navigate the circumstances you face today.

So, here are 3 questions to ask yourself today…

What can I do today to add more love into my life?
What can I do today that will help me feel more centered and grounded?
How can I be more kind on the inside, so I can have more grace and love to give to everything on the outside?
Sending love your way,

P.S. If you are looking for new tools to center and calm yourself, I can help.  Reach out using via the Contact page and let’s have a conversation.

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