Make Time for What Matters

Nov 17, 2017

Make Time for What Matters

Have you noticed that when things are really busy, we’re dealing with a pressing challenge or there’s a big transition happening in our life – we tend to put important things on hold while we get through the challenge?  It’s as if we have indefinite amounts of time to do the things that are important.  The putting off can be a matter of weeks, months, and for some, even years.

Doing this often feels justified – and even somewhat smart at the time. But, what if the things we are putting on the back burner ARE the very things that energize and give meaning to our life? What if the things we’re pushing off provide the very fuel we need for creative solutions, inspiration, and guidance amidst the challenge?

Putting things off might sound like this…

Once I get through this challenging time, then I will get back to exercise.

Once I retire, then I will have the time to focus and write my book.

I’m just too busy to take the time I really need to take care of myself right now.

I don’t have time or energy for my marriage at the end of the day.

Once this insane project is over, I will get back to my happy self.

Once the children are older, then we can have date nights.

When I retire, I will at last have the time to spend on my most important relationships.

And, one you might be experiencing right now…

Once the holidays are over, then we will have more time to ______________…  

…you, fill in the blank.

It’s all just another way we fool ourselves, put off the important things and delay what’s in our heart to do.

We all know and probably feel this more than ever – life is precious and life is now.

Stop putting off the things your heart is calling you to do. 

If you don’t know how to carve out the time and space now, chances are once the challenge is over you’ll struggle to find the time then too.  Make a commitment to build this muscle in your life starting now.  That way, when the challenge is over – you already know how to take care of yourself and prioritize what is important along the way.

This can feel like a huge undertaking.  The truth is, it doesn’t have to be and you can flex this muscle right now where you are today.   It’s about tuning into your heart and taking aligned action.

Here are a few examples of something that might be important to you and an aligned action you can take today:

Meaningful connection:  Set down your agenda today and dedicate 10 focused minutes to someone you love.
A calling to write:  Grab a notebook.  Start today with writing for 5 minutes before you go to bed.
Better health:  Choose a healthier option at your next meal or pause and do 10 push-ups right now.
Time to yourself:  Ask for and take 15 minutes for yourself today – take a bath, read a great article, have a cat nap.
Time to serve:  Hold the door for a stranger today.  Buy flowers at the grocery store and give them away to someone on your way out.

Create and repeat daily.

The real truth is that when times get challenging it’s even more important to integrate what fuels are hearts, minds and body. 

Have you put important matters of your heart on hold? 

Try blending what fuels you and what adds meaning with your current challenge and/or busy life.

This is where building a life you love living comes into play. 

It’s not about living a life that is problem or challenge free – its about finding a way to move through the challenge while doing the things that keep you feeling alive and aligned within.  The challenges and the busy times are perfect terrain for building muscle on how to live fully alive and aligned right where you are.

If you continue to wait until the challenges pass to truly live your life, you may be waiting a long time.  The invitation is to begin living more fully right where you are today.

What one thing will you make time for today?

Share your ideas below.

Happy, Happy Thanksgiving.

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