Grace and Space

May 01, 2020

Grace and Space

When the emotional climate feels turbulent one of the kindest gestures we can apply is…

Grace and Space

A little extra space and a little extra grace to feel what there is to feel can go a long way.

I’ve noticed when my husband or my boys are edgy, prickly, or just in a funky mood – I want to get in there and fix it or make it better.

When I pause my first reaction and apply loving space and a dose of trust that they can manage their own feelings – their turnaround is quicker and the relationship is strengthened.

This can also be applied to you.  When you find yourself putting pressure on yourself, feeling bad for the way you feel, or trying to force an outcome that isn’t happening – step back, apply grace and space and watch what happens.

Who or what in your world could benefit from a dose of this today?

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