Be a Minimalist of the Mind

May 03, 2019

Be a Minimalist of the Mind

What would it mean to be a minimalist of the mind? I’m not suggesting a halt to gathering wisdom and knowledge, but rather a clearing out of mental noise that drains, clutters, weakens, and pulls us down.

Tending to the noise of the mind is a high impact method of self-care and kindness that I’ve witnessed in my own life and in the lives of those I coach.

We live with the presence of our minds around the clock.  Time spent cleaning up this environment leads to huge returns on your investment.  This noise of the mind becomes a lens through which we see and interpret what is happening around us.

What if this environment could be a place that you love to hang out?  What if this could be a tool that lifts you up and propels you forward?

One of my favorite quotes confirms this idea so well…

Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window
through which you must see the world.

– George Bernard Shaw

Being a minimalist of the mind is about living with less noise and being diligent about what you allow to hang out in your mind.

Try it out for yourself….
Here are some ideas to get you started.

Be a Minimalist of the Mind… It’s not a once and done, but more of a a practice.

Unpack: Empty your thoughts by writing them down.
Observe:  Are there recurring thoughts/beliefs that are keeping you stuck?
Examine:  Where does this (thought/belief) come from?  Is there a logical or wise reason to keep it?
Challenge: Would I assign this same thought to someone I care about in a similar situation? Does it cause me to shrink or expand?  Does it fit who I am any longer?
Release:  If it’s old and outdated – give yourself permission to let it go once and for all.
Exchange: Is there a new thought/belief that more aligns with who I am becoming?  Feel free to trade it up for a new, better thought.

Be a security guard of your own thinking.  Take full responsibility for what you allow to live in your mind.

Living with less in the mind means a more present, focused, peaceful, engaged you.

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