Are You a Hyper-Achiever?

For years of my life I had one speed – GO. And, when I stopped, I fell asleep.

I was…

  • constantly in motion
  • always doing something
  • and, it was hard to sit still

I didn’t know how to relax, nor did I really want to and the never-ending to-do list was hanging over me as a constant reminder that I had to keep going.

Until life began falling apart and forced me to pause. I began to see that all the MOTION wasn’t moving me in the direction of what I REALLY wanted.

As a Hyper-Achiever, this is a hard cycle to interrupt because this behavior has likely created a lot of success and approval and to do anything different, can feel impossible.

Shirzad Chamine and his work around Positive Intelligence defines Hyper-Achievers as…

Dependent on constant performance and achievement for self-respect and self-validation. Highly focused on external success, leading to unsustainable workaholic tendencies and loss of touch with deeper emotional and relationship needs.

hyper-achiever, motivated, workaholic, productivity

Being a hyper-achiever is a strength, but when this strength is overused or untamed it becomes a weakness. Over the years, I have heard repeatedly from clients who begin coaching…:

“I hide in my work.”
“My identity is my work.”
“I tend to bury my emotions.”
“I feel guilty no matter what I am doing.”
“I don’t know how to relax.”
“Taking care of myself falls to bottom of list.
Hyper-achievers are good at creating a lot of success, but it tends to fall into one area of their life. This causes life to feel out of balance and while they deeply want a thoughtful, intentional life and to be present in their relationships and family life – they don’t know how to get out of the busy, performance vortex.

If you resonate with being a hyper-achiever, I want to help. Here are a few things you can begin to do differently.

Listen closely to your inner dialog. Call out the lies of the hyper-achiever. It’s known to tell you things like – “Keep working – you will feel so much better if you just get a few more things done.” Remind yourself – When you are over-worked you DON’T feel better!

Do some investigating. Take an inventory of the way you work, the hours you work, the way your energy fluctuates and what your body is telling you. Be curious. There is a lot of informative data here that can help you to make impactful adjustments.
Write down your big dreams, goals and commitments. Read them everyday and make sure (using the data you gathered above) that your time, energy and activities are moving you in the direction of your bigger goals.

For more insight + ideas – tune into this week’s podcast.

There is a huge opportunity to take your strength of being a hyper-achiever and leverage it by taking all this incredible energy you have stirring inside you and use it to propel all domains of your life forward.

It’s possible! I’ve done it in my own life and have been helping clients do the same now for over a decade.

I love hyper-achievers. You get things done. You bring ideas to life. You have an incredible work ethic. You’re energy is contagious. And, I love working with hyper-achievers.

The goal is not to stop being a hyper-achiever. The goal is learning to channel this amazing energy so that you can create fulfillment in all domains of life.

If you are a a hyper-achiever who’s ready to take your incredible energy and use it as a force of good all over your life. Let’s talk. Book a time with me here and let’s explore how working together for just 8 weeks could impact your life!