Walking in Calm

Mar 14, 2020

Walking in Calm

This week I’ve had a flurry of thoughts and feelings floating through my mind and felt compelled to reach out and share what’s happening over here in hopes that it might support you in some way with what’s happening over there with you during this time.

There’s much uncertainty today about what’s happening, what the future holds, how long this will last, challenges dealing with the reactions of loved ones who may be reacting differently than you are, how to love people amidst tension, whether to be around people or to isolate at home, how to stay focused on my work and other commitments and on and on.
While there are many things that are uncertain and it can be easy to get swept away in the rush of fear and feelings that are around us, I’ve been reminding myself that I get to choose. I am choosing to cling to that which I know and can control.


It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. I
t means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.” – Unknown

While in the shower this morning, I was reminded of the message my Dad shared shortly before he passed.


If and when you find yourself focused on all that is or could go wrong – pause to ask yourself – what if there is something inside of all this that is going right?
What if we have in front of us an opportunity for a big reset.

To come back to basics.
To focus on what matters most.
To put kind care into the things you already have vs. striving for more.
To love on your people.
To calm everything for the sake of seeing more clearly.

What if it’s an opportunity and a gift of time to come back to basics and practice the things that keep us grounded and centered – this will have a positive ripple impact on everyone around you.

I’m choosing to focus on…

Faith: I’m relying on my faith. This is grounding and I am reminded that there is something much larger and bigger at play. I choose to trust there is ultimate good inside of what feels otherwise.

Love: Feelings of fear and uncertainty can sweep me away and cause me to behave in ways that are not loving to my closest people. I choose to come back to love again and again….resisting the urge to allow fear to create a wedge here. Loving on my people is always an aligned choice for me.

Mindset: It’s one thing we can control. Keep roping in your mind to the here and now. Ask yourself and listen closely – who am I called to be in this moment? In this situation? with this person? Listen and be obedient to this knowing. It’s helped me to remember that I don’t have to make a blanket choice in this moment- I can trust to know in each and every individual moment.

Choice: I am staying informed (with limits for my sanity) and making choices that align for me. I am choosing to observe what others are doing and then coming back to choosing what aligns for my unique compass.

Body: I am reminding myself to care for my body even when my emotions might cause me to take misaligned actions out of a desire for comfort. Look to comfort in ways that align with who you want to be now.

This Moment: When I allow my mind to fly into imagining the worst – I miss the moment at hand when my son walks in the room to talk to me, or my husband walks up to kiss me, or an opportunity to be loving and grounding to someone else who’s imagination has taken over. When I rope it in and root in this moment – I have what I need.

Together, we will walk step by step.

Sending peace, calm and love your way.

– Carla

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