Tired of Mindless Scrolling?

Aug 29, 2022

Tired of Mindless Scrolling?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel great after the mindless scrolling on my phone?

And, I keep hearing my private coaching clients say things like…

  • “I need to spend less time on my phone”
  • “I get lost in my phone and it has a negative impact on my mood.”
  • “I fall into comparison and feel like what I’m doing isn’t enough

I have even heard my young adult sons talk about taking breaks from their phone or even one day not having a phone at all. 

This week, my client and I were talking about listening to intuition and she said that her inner wisdom has literally been “screaming at her to get off her phone”.

When that inner voice of wisdom is screaming – it’s time to listen.

She went on to say that her friend, who got off social media for 2 weeks, told her that she had never felt happier. She described it as “unburdened” and “free”.

What if we saw the increasing number of distractions in our world
as an invitation or opportunity to AWAKEN US?

Instead of being lulled into the auto-pilot of mindless activity and stimulation – what if you chose differently?

There’s something here. 

I think the answer lies not in abandoning our phones and social media, as these things play an important role in our lives, but in taking responsibility for the way that we feel and aligning our actions accordingly. 

What would be possible if you brought more INTENTION to your time on social media?

Consider that all the things you deeply want (space to breathe, calm, being present with loved ones, a strong spiritual life, quality time and experiences, time to read, be more creative, write, etc..) all live in the space of your life that is free of distraction.

Don’t lose sight of this free space or the ability to enjoy it – despite being part of a world that is luring us to forget it.

I believe you are different and you desire more for your life.

I invite you to DO DIFFERENTLY.

Create an experiment and observe the impact it has on the way that you feel.

It doesn’t matter is you start with one hour, one day or one month.  If you have been feeling the nudge to stop mindless scrolling – take intentional action.   A few ideas to get you started…

  • Set a timer
  • Create a “no phone zone”
  • For every minute you would spend on your phone, make headway on a book, start a journal or go for a walk.  

Your future self will thank you and treasure awaits.

Ready for different?

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