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Build a Business AND a Life with Josephine Owusu

Mar 30, 2023

Build a Business AND a Life with Josephine Owusu

By Carla Reeves | March 30, 2023


Let’s talk vision, strategy and planning!

My friend and business colleague, Josephine Owusu joins us on the podcast today to talk strategic planning and how important it is for getting out of overwhelm and building a life and business that lights you up.

Josephine is a Business Strategist for Female Purpose driven Coaches, Content Creators & Creative Entrepreneurs with a team. She is the founder of The Owusu Collective and helps her clients to get unstuck. place structure in their business and stop wasting time in the weeds so that they can focus on the things that will take their business to the next level.

Are you ready to be inspired to take your planning and life to next level?

Enjoy this conversation!

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