Client Spotlight: Get Out of Your Own Way with Sheri Resnik

May 18, 2023

Client Spotlight: Get Out of Your Own Way with Sheri Resnik

By Carla Reeves | May 4, 2023


Do you get in your own way?

My guest today, is a client of mine and we started working together during a new stage of her life.  She knew that in order to go all in,  she needed help getting out of her own way.

Sheri a Creative Director and Event Planner in the nonprofit event space for years. She is also the Founder of The Emet Room where she brings women together to connect and find meaning in their lives.

Her energy and passion is contagious.

We discuss…

  • the fear of failing
  • how her survival model was interrupting her best efforts
  • the role journaling played in getting her out of her way
  • the importance of discovering her blind spots
  • how getting rid of outdated patterns increased her clarity + forward momentum
  • and so much more!

As you listen to her story, may it stir something in your own.


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