An Invitation to Clear Something Away

Dec 12, 2019

An Invitation to Clear Something Away

When I think of 2020, I think 20/20 vision. Next year is an invitation to bring sharpness, fierceness and transparency to who you want to be and how you want to live your life.

Sometimes when I’m seeking clarity, I spin my wheels hoping and waiting for insight to arrive or lightning to strike. I’ve found, though, that clarity often arrives when we actively clear something away.

As this year comes to a close, is there anything lingering or festering that you want to complete or clear away?

Here are some places you might look….

Complete a conversation that was left unfinished
Close the loop on a project that’s been hanging over your head
Clear out physical clutter
Set down a pattern or behavior that doesn’t work
Extend an apology you intended to make
Take a bold step that would set something important in motion

Ask yourself:

What would feel amazing to complete before the year closes?
What would feel amazing to do before the year closes?
What would feel amazing to give before the year closes?

Think brave, bold moves. This is the time to clear away the old and make space for the new.
Don’t let the season sweep you away.
Make a choice to close the year with intention.

A remarkable 2020 planning tool coming soon – stay tuned!

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