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Casual conversation to inspire everyday risk taking – all for the sake of building a life that is uniquely bold, authentic and in alignment with your values.

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(Client Spotlight) How to Live More Fully Now with Diana Bresnan

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EP. 63 How to Get Unstuck

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EP. 56 The Not-So-Friendly Friend with Christina Furnival

Get to know Carla

I made it my mission to clean my life up from the inside out. I’ve been innovating and applying these tools for over 2 decades.

My life’s work is to equip you with the mindsets and toolsets that you can use again and again to do differently – all for the sake of creating your extra-ordinary life.

It’s time to do things differently.

Let’s have a conversation.

I want to get to know you, deeply understand what you’re going through, and see if we’re a match for each other.

Choose the path that’s right for you.

Together, we’ll select the coaching program and help you experience relief in your life right away.

Create intentional, forward momentum.

Shed your survival mode, get equipped with new tools + approaches, and become an innovator of everyday life.

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My Mission

I love it. I live it. I teach it.