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One-on-One Coaching

It’s not just about life, it’s not just about work – it’s about YOU.
Because, at the core of everything you do, and experience, and face is you.

The work we will do together is about deep, meaningful conversation to get to the core of who you are and what you are up to.  I will guide you through the important inner work to shed thoughts, ideas, beliefs and behaviors that (at one time) helped you to survive, but today are the very things keeping you from experiencing the rich, meaningful, amazing life you are here to live.

I practice Frame of Mind Coaching Methodology. This methodology is based on the idea that your
thinking is one of the single greatest contributors to your experience, success, and quality of life.

What does coaching mean to you?

Quieting the negative internal dialog. Increased confidence and clarity. Becoming more
fully engaged and expressed in your life and relationships. Shifting your communication patterns
both internally and with others for more fulfilling relationships. Changing your approach to obstacles
and challenges so that you can have new experiences. Living in
alignment with your values and deepest desires and more.

What will it look like to work together?

Our initial conversation explores your current desires and challenges. Together we select a program that
best matches your needs. The coaching programs follows a time-tested,
proven methodology, but the experience is always custom and unique to you.

Together, we will clear what’s been in the way of you having a positive relationship with yourself.  We will remove the barriers that have prevented you from putting your best foot forward.  We will access your blind spots so that you can have breakthrough results.  And, we will equip you with tools and mindsets to create lasting, sustainable change in your life.

All coaching is provided over the phone and online, so location is not a factor. Let’s walk together through the journey we will take…


We begin with a Design Call.
This call builds the foundation
for our work together. Together
we will bring clarity to your ideal
outcomes for the program.


Each week we will have a 1 hour coaching call. Our sessions follow a proven framework consisting of rich conversation, tangible tools, and breakthrough exploration into the journaling you completed online.


Weekly journal prompts and focus exercises will keep you engaged and connected in between coaching sessions and all week long.


In between sessions, we will connect online. This ensures ongoing reflection and continuous learning – all with me…your coach…in your back pocket. Keeping momentum in between calls helps you travel farther, deeper and faster.

Take the next step

The first call is complimentary and designed to give you a first-hand experience of what working together will be like.

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