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Welcome and hello!

I see amazing, talented, deeply loving people imprisoned by their own thinking.
Inside they feel unfulfilled, less than, and unclear. They find themselves going through
the motions of their lives, but deep down they know there must be more.

I see individuals with so much to say and contribute to this world, but they hold back because
of a skewed vision of themselves. There’s a huge disconnect between how others see them and
how they see themselves.

Deep down they are strong, loving and know they have positive impact to make in the world
around them. They are trapped inside of a way of thinking that is outdated.

(I lived this way for many years too.)

Once they step outside this old model of thinking, I watch people open up and begin taking actions
that are more authentic and aligned with who they are and what they want.

They step into a bigger, brighter version of who they are and take an active part in creating
and living their everyday life.

There is something greater possible.

You can move beyond how you feel today and step into a bigger version of yourself.
You can find the clarity and confidence to live a life filled with meaning. You can free your
innate ability to lead your everyday life with clarity, purpose and confidence.

This is my passion and my life’s work.

Let me be your guide.

The first step is a conversation. Think of it as a chat with a close, trusted friend
I’ve been where you are…and I want to help you find something more. Let’s talk.

Remember, the first conversation is on me.

schedule a call

Curious what it will look like to work together?

I’ll walk you through the journey here.

Someone who had worked with Carla highly recommended her. Before coaching I was feeling stuck in a
lot of negative self-talk and unfulfilling results. Three big changes I made as a result of coaching: 1. Less Pressure:
investigating/verifying if it’s real or perceived. 2. Minimize Worry: breaking the loop by powerfully choosing how
I respond to situations. 3. Taking Action: the importance of progress over perfection. This is one of the greatest
investments I’ve made in myself. I wish I had done it sooner and would recommend it to anyone who wants to
live life with greater self-awareness, clarity and fulfillment.

– Trish Papadakos

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