Expand your toolset for everyday living.

In this program…

  • Continue to integrate your learning.
  • Stay on track and accountable.
  • Build muscle to ensure your changes are lasting and sustainable.

The best way to know if coaching is a fit for you is for us to have a conversation. We will make it relevant to your life and you will be clear as to whether it is a match for you to move forward.


We begin with a Kick Off call
to identify areas of focus for
this phase of our work together.


Coaching calls designed
to challenge your thinking
and empower your everyday living.


In between sessions,
I’ll be in your back pocket.
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Stacy Mirkay

“I feel more focused and content.”

“My life before coaching was unbalanced. I felt out of control and overwhelmed. I felt like I could not move. I have always been positive and focused and in control so these feelings were very challenging for me. I went through some life changing events and I was struggling to move forward. I found Carla at the perfect time. I truly believe it was fate. I learned where some of my hardships stemmed from and worked through old pain, to think differently, and relieve myself of unnecessary and unwanted pressures that were weighing me down and holding me back. My relationships grew stronger. I became happier and more balanced. I’m more focused and content. I feel like a better version of myself.”

Take the next step

The first call is complimentary and designed to give you a first-hand experience of what working together will be like and an opportunity to ensure we are a match for working together.

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