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Stacy Mirkay

“I feel more focused and content.”

“My life before coaching was unbalanced. I felt out of control and overwhelmed. I felt like I could not move. I have always been positive and focused and in control so these feelings were very challenging for me. I went through some life changing events and I was struggling to move forward. I found Carla at the perfect time. I truly believe it was fate. I learned where some of my hardships stemmed from and worked through old pain, to think differently, and relieve myself of unnecessary and unwanted pressures that were weighing me down and holding me back. My relationships grew stronger. I became happier and more balanced. I’m more focused and content. I feel like a better version of myself.”

Tracy Magerus

“Its like my light bulb was dim and working with Carla, she just helped to turn it back on and now its shining so bright..”

Stacy Bertinelli

“I am more peaceful at work and I can be
calm and react calmly to challenging
circumstances. I’m happy leaning into conflict
and uncomfortable circumstances. I’m
not taking things personal and I am a
lot more effective.”


“I created a better version of myself…”

“Carla and I had an instant connection. Talking to Carla was like talking to a best
friend you would go to for advice. On the surface, I had everything going for me. I
was doing well in my career, I had recently come out to my family and was
welcomed with open arms, I was in a healthy relationship, and I had just finished
an Ironman triathlon. But internally, I was in a constant state of angst. Was I in the
right career? Was this one the right one? Carla helped equip me with the tools I
needed to understand not only why I felt a certain way but also why I act the way
I do. We then created a better version of myself to navigate life and its stressful
situations. The above questions are still present, as I think they will always be, but
I am now proactive in deciding how I let outside influences affect me.”

Cara Zeidler

“Coaching was the internal piece, building the foundation for something better. It was uncovering and discovering things about myself that I didn’t understand or recognize before. It was about learning what my true self looks like.”


“This experience gave me clearer eyes. It taught me that I am worthy of the good this world has to offer and that it isn’t selfish to love myself. I am free from the “white noise” that I carried around with me. I am so SO grateful I invested in myself so I could truly know myself.”

Cara Leis

“This experience has given me a renewed sense of self.”

“From professional discussions to personal development, the tools I learned throughout my work with Carla has helped me deepen relationships, plus given me an opportunity to let go of stress and find presence and energy. Coaching from Carla has allowed me to see situations in a clear light due to the thought process I’m practicing regularly. To see the most growth, it was important for me to be open to coaching, vulnerable, and embrace a new way of thinking. I would suggest Carla and her coaching to anyone that is looking to stretch his or her mindset, abilities and wants to better him or herself.”

It is life changing. Carla was able to get to the root of my old thoughts and beliefs and work with me to change these stories. She asked the right questions and made me think about the stories I was telling myself. Once I was aware of these stories, I was able to make choices that worked for me and let go of choices that not longer helped me. The coaching space and weekly phone calls truly made this experience one that served to change my life.

– jenny treadway

Karen Cummings

“I was able to immediately increase two client retainers…”

“Since working with Carla, I have truly had my eyes opened to an entirely new way
of thinking. Carla worked with me to uncover my old model of thinking and what
was causing many of the challenges I was experiencing on a regular basis in my
professional and personal life. With Carla’s amazing insight, coaching framework
and ongoing guidance we worked toward a solution and a new way of thinking
that could help me overcome these challenges and let go of a lot of the guilt,

frustration and disappointment I was consistently feeling. She was able to get to the root cause of these deeper feelings and offer actionable steps to take back control and stay positive and solution-focused. As a result of these mindset changes, I was able to nearly immediately increase two client retainers, strengthen my relationships with clients and most importantly be happier in my daily routines.”

terrie p.

I had been at the company for thirteen years, and
despite my lengthy to-do list, I felt stagnant. I received
great feedback at work, but nothing was moving for me.
I had reached a dead end and was miserable because
of it. Carla’s coaching helped me see that what wasn’t
moving was me! With her guidance, I started changing my
thinking. The second I did so, my entire life changed too.
I received a great promotion at work, and an amazing
condo deal fell into my lap after years of looking!

Nancy Knauf

I was taking care of my mother, but I felt that I
was suffering. Through coaching, I was able to
work through my feelings about it, and to make some
big requests from my family. It was a total game
changer for me to be able to define and voice what
help I needed from them. I was also able to see
that my mother didn’t want me to suffer. It was huge
for me to finally feel like I had a very powerful
place to stand, to be able to take care of her,
to take responsibility, and to make some requests so
that I, as a caregiver, was also nurtured.

Virireader “V” Harry

Carla will challenge the way you think…

“in a very positive way giving you the power to look at your thinking in a new way to create radical change. Carla is genuine, she listens intently which enables her to provide extraordinary feedback. If you want to dig deep, determine your purpose, figure out why you do what you do and say what you say; Carla is who you need to connect with.”

Trish Papadakos

“One of the greatest investments I’ve made in myself. I wish I had done it sooner and would recommend it to anyone who wants to live life with greater self-awareness, clarity and fulfilment.”

Elizabeth Trummel

Getting this information is like getting the “bonus weapon” or “extra life” in a video game. You have to work for it, go to levels that are hidden, and diverge from the main path. But what you get in return is a heightened awareness of who you are and why you do what you do. It allows you a very powerful choice, the choice to consciously choose who you want to be and what you want to do with your life. I thought time management was all about how to be more efficient, so I could stuff more into my life. I was wrong! Time management and achieving goals is about getting clear about YOU.


“Carla is helping me quiet the internal dialogue…”

“Carla is helping me to quiet the internal dialogue that has been holding me back
in my career and relationships. Working with her has helped me to embrace my
strengths which, in 10 weeks dramatically shifted my role as a leader, my
relationship with my business partner, husband and clients. Working with Carla
has allowed me to take greater risks in my business which has already resulted in
$200,000 worth of increased revenue. I know that this is JUST the beginning!”

Meeting Carla was like divine serendipity – she and I met just prior to one of the most challenging and life-changing years of my life. Carla assisted me with tools and meaningful conversations that helped me make my chaotic life manageable. She provided tools to allow me to keep the truth of situations center and my feelings in check. My department ended up being eliminated and she was not only a coach, a cheerleader, a shoulder, but also a friend who provided a little cushioning on the way down. I had an idea of what I eventually wanted once my corporate life was over, but really no idea how to get there. Through coaching, the vision became more and more clear. I had an epiphany that I, in fact, am actually living my Plan B! It is all happening now – it is all mostly fabulous and Carla helped me get out of my own way to see this. Her tools and techniques are always with me and
I am so happy I invested in myself and her. Thank you Carla!

– kim pratt

Espie E.

“This was the best thing that I could have ever done. Carla was just amazing, she made me feel comfortable, and she is so passionate about what she does. The tools that she taught me worked. Because of her encouragement, I now feel like I am truly living, I feel free. I will forever be grateful for Carla, this has changed my life, forever.”

Marissa Saltzman

“Carla helped open up a whole new world of self-understanding and appreciation for me. I will continue to use the tools that she provided throughout my life for seeking my highest and happiest self. “

It’s unbelievable! I would have been very surprised if you had told me 3 months ago that I would quit my job to start my own business. So that is a huge, monumental step for me. I feel like a giant weight has been lifted and I see endless possibilities in my future. My relationship with my husband is so much better and fulfilling. It’s all about our own behavior and how we choose to perceive the world.

– robin boyko

Adam Levinter

“My stress level is a lot lower than it was before.”

“It has affected the way that I approach my day, how I operate, and how I
show up. My stress level is a lot lower than it was before. I was a controlling
micro-manager, whereas now, my hands aren’t so tightly gripped around
the wheel, so to speak, I feel more positive energy and flow and my business
is better because of this new approach.”

Before coaching, I didn’t have a good sense of myself and had a lot of negative self-talk. Now I feel more confident, centered and marching towards my true purpose in life. I feel more connected to family, friends and co-workers. I am really grateful to Carla for having the wisdom and patience to guide me and help me see things about myself I hadn’t seen before. Carla doesn’t try to make you a better “worker” or more “productive” – although that may be one result – she guides you to your fullest, best self you can be.

– Anonymous Client

Carrie Seay

“Coaching helped me to get out of my head!”

“When I started coaching I was spinning my wheels to stay on top of everything that I felt I needed to do every day. It was exhausting between a new business, hiring for my other business, dealing with friends and family needs, etc. I was putting my needs on the back burner to try to get everything else done. Through coaching, I learned to ask for help, to delegate, that it’s okay to say no when something isn’t in alignment with my bigger goals. I also learned that having a clear vision of what I am building in my business and life allows me to clearly see what fits and doesn’t fit. Coaching helped me to get out of my head and remove what was blocking me from moving forward successfully in many areas of my life.”

Christine Johnson

“A whole new perspective on how powerful my own thinking and actions can be.”

“Before coaching, I paid little attention to how much my thinking can change my reactions, emotions, and ultimately my decisions. Working with Carla has given me a whole new perspective on how powerful my own thinking and actions can be towards my happiness and success in all aspects of my life. I feel so full of knowledge, tools, and advice which will help guide me through my life.”

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