One-on-One Coaching

It’s not just about life, it’s not just about work – it’s about YOU. Because, at the core of everything you do, and experience, and face is you.

The work we will do together is about deep, meaningful conversation to get to the core of who you are and what you are up to. I will guide you through the important inner work to shed thoughts, ideas, beliefs and behaviors that (at one time) helped you to survive, but today are the very things keeping you from experiencing the rich, meaningful, amazing life you are here to live.

Begin Here

Your coaching journey begins with Elevate.
After completing this foundation building program,
you are invited to take your journey to new heights.

Then, take your journey to new heights

Whether you are looking to change the way you organize your time,
make traction on a mission that takes you outside your comfort zone
or build a solid foundation for a thriving marriage –
we have programs designed to support you.

Questions You Might Have

What does coaching mean for me?2020-03-16T23:22:00-07:00

While the experience is unique to every individual, clients consistently report greater clarity, restored self-esteem, ability to navigate choices and change with greater ease, more authentic and fulfilling communication, new approaches to old, familiar challenges and a renewed sense of purpose.

What is the investment?2020-03-16T23:21:30-07:00

Coaching experiences begin at $500 and range from there based on depth and duration. My commitment is to provide you with tools that you will have forever. This isn’t about creating a few ah-ha’s – it’s about providing you with an experience that equips you to create lasting, sustainable change and a toolset that you can use again and again. The actual experiences people have and what is possible for you and your life have been described as “priceless”.

How do we get started?2020-03-16T23:20:59-07:00

We begin with an initial conversation (no cost to you) to explore what you want, what’s getting in your way and ensure we are a match for working together. Schedule a call

What happens after coaching?2020-03-16T23:19:44-07:00

After completing an experience of coaching you will be clear whether you want to take your journey to new heights or whether you feel ready to fly on your own and continue integrating. You are welcome back at any time to refresh your toolset or take coaching to a new area of your life.


Prior to coaching, I felt stuck, wasn’t living my life and felt time was passing me by.

I thought coaching would get me focused on what I was going to do for the next phase of my life, more project wise. I was blown away by how personal the experience has been, and I have absolutely loved it. It has WAY exceeded my hopes. In the beginning, we made connections and realizations that years of therapy had not made so clear for me.

I am walking away with a restored self-esteem and sense of purpose. This experience pulled me out of a major funk, provided inspiration and clarity on myself in so many ways. I created new foundations for the values I already had but needed a reset/reminder. I feel a calm, connectedness with my husband and family and mostly, a reacquaintance with myself. ”

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The first call is complimentary and designed to give you a first-hand experience of what working together will be like.

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